Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Water Bottles. . . .ALERT !


 subject:  Safety Alert. . .Don't pick up Water Bottles

 SNOPES.com says this is a valid alert.

The Holidays are coming…so be careful!
Anybody that sees a plastic bottle in their yard would not think twice about picking it up and throwing it away.  Yes, I would pick up a bottle or take it out of my mailbox.  Wouldn't You?  Not anymore, thanks to this email I received.  Pass this on to everyone you know.   
I looks like these things are starting to pop up around the U.S.  Check the Snopes web site below, it's pretty scary.
1.  A plastic bottle with a cap.  (Like a normal water bottle.)
2.  A little Drano.
3.  A little water.
4.  A small piece a foil.
5.  Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!  (in less than 30 seconds!)
6.  No fingers left and other serious injuries to your face, eyes, etc.  People are finding these bombs in mailboxes and in yards, just waiting for someone to pick it up intending to put it in the trash.
It takes about 30 seconds to blow after you move the bottle.
Check this out on Snopes.  It is true.  Also watch the video.
Send this to everyone on your mailing list.  It wouldn't hurt to get this several times.


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Anonymous said...

Trouble is, this wonderful interenet thingy just spreads the word and "inspires" stupid people to do the same thing.

One wonders if the act of putting up warnings like this, instead of saving people from injury, actually cuases more injuires?

I'd put money on it....and I'm "careful" with money too...haha!

Greg in Nomorecrap-punsalaide
(for now)

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it's a bit of a dilemma - alert the public and risk copy-cat crimes, or shuddup and hope it goes away.

I think I'd rather know than not know.

J said...

Thanks for this info. Every week I have to pick up random trash people throw out on the two streets that border my home. Some are plastic bottles. Forewarned is forearmed.

JustinO'Shea said...

I figure the water-bottle freaks don't read my blog ! LOL

"Aye, 'tis better the divil I know than the divil I don't know. ." as they say among the ancient O'Sheas. . . .and thems what knows.. knows. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Justin,
After I posted that previous comment I thought that I should have added that comment, I certainly did not mean it as a criticism of you for sure.


JustinO'Shea said...

Was I criticized??
Never even noticed. . .so I guess there wasn't any criticism. . .hahaha

You know, I thought the same thing myself. . .I did. . .hehe. . .

I got up this morning with a Scottish lad in mind, and I find meself tending to try to write in a semi-Irish brogue this morning. lol