Monday, November 22, 2010

The RELIGIOUS REICH compound Airport Security Problems: HOMOSEXUALS !

Religious Right: We're Concerned About Gay TSA Agents

by Michael A. Jones November 16, 2010 11:00 AM (PT) Topics: Workplace Discrimination
If there's any government institution in the doghouse this week, it's got to be the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is getting all sorts of flak for new screening procedures at airports that many passengers say are nothing short of "virtual foreplay" or "sexual assault." Passenger outrage at the new TSA screenings have even launched a new line of T-shirts with the words "You touch my junk and I'll have you arrested" plastered on the front.
But if you ask Peter LaBarbera with the radical religious right group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), it's not new TSA screening procedures that should have passengers upset. It's the fact that some TSA agents might be gay or lesbian that should have passengers clamoring for refunds on their plane tickets.
LaBarbera, who has dedicated his career to trying to cure homosexuality, said that the TSA should do all that it can to filter out gays and lesbians from positions with the TSA. Sure, that's discrimination. But for LaBarbera, it's all for national security reasons.
"The reality is, most traveling men would not want Barney Frank to pat them down at the airport security checkpoint," LaBarbera said. "Neither would it be fair to assign Ellen DeGeneres to pat down female travelers."
Huh...all of a sudden I'm thinking of a new reality television show, Celebrity TSA Agents. After all, Bristol Palin will need something to do after Dancing With the Stars ends...
LaBarbera goes on to say that the TSA, by letting gay or lesbian TSA agents search people of the same gender, is fostering discrimination. You know, against all those religious people who are forced by the TSA to undergo pat downs from the homosexuals.
"To allow homosexual agents to conduct same-gender pat-downs is tantamount to a new form of discrimination that must be recognized and prevented," LaBarbera ended.
Well, you know how it is with these fringe groups. If it's not yoga that will lead to the destruction of the world, it's gay TSA agents.
Meanwhile, if you actually have a legitimate beef with the new TSA screening procedures, feel free to send the TSA some choice words, letting them know that just because a passenger buys an airline ticket, doesn't mean that they give up their rights to privacy.


J said...

Looks like there are now three towers of babel flapping their gums: the UN, 50 Cent and the christian right.

JCinmeforever said...

"Holy Crap- Batman!!! What will the Homophobic, Unloving, Religious Reich think of next to discriminate! You'd think, that if a Male Doctor gay or straight has to perform his job in a professional manner or get fired! That all jobs, even the TSA needs to have people working for them GAY or Straight that can function professionally.

On the 'Religious Reich', remember I've mentioned they behave like the Pharisees of Jesus' time!

PhotosbyErich said...

Ya know, whenever I think that people could not go any lower... they surprise me and... WHAM! They manage to do it! Hysteria over gay TSA agents now? P-u-h-l-e-e-z-e....

Anonymous said...

"Ooooo yes, I'd much rather be blown up by the Taliban than be patted down for 2 seconds by a gay!"

Well, I have a solution, a "final solution" in fact:
Provide seperate transportation for those that don't want to be patted down to those that do.

With luck the Taliban will cull these clowns from our population for us.

Greg in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

When I flew to the U.K. I was patted down and I told the agent "If you're doing that for the government, it's ok, but if you're doing that for you, it'll be twenty bucks."

He blushed, I passed. Most of them have NO sense of humor.

Gary Kelly said...

Just after 9/11 a friend wrote to say, "Has the world gone mad?"

I wrote back and said, "No, mate, it's always been that way."

Nothing's changed, I see.

Gary Kelly said...

Banister, you're priceless.

JustinO'Shea said...

D'accord. . ..truly beyond price !