Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Gets Better - fr Jim Martin . . . ..continued

A few readers wrote me that I had allowed this conversation to get hyjacked. . . and viewers had hoped there'd be more discussion on the content of Jim Martin's video.  I thought what he said was solid, simple, direct and certainly suppostive. . .with  his dead-pan facial expression-less way.  ;-)

Here is a bit more of comment:   Have you noticed how many don't comment on the actual topic but go off on some irrelevant tangent that serves only to derail the discussion. . . . The first comment was on topic, commenting on what Fr. Jim said in his video, and then came comments not about what Fr. Jim said but about what he "neglected" to say, that Fr. Jim "neglected" to say whether or not he supports "homosexuality itself - the act." What's that got to do with the topic? . . . . . . . Fr. Jim also "neglected" to say whether he supports oral sex between heterosexual couples or whether he supports masturbation, or whether he starches his collar, or whether he wears boxers or briefs. . . . . . .. If you presented a topic saying it lifts the spirit to go to church,  some could probably say, "Many churches have mold in the ac system.". . . . . . .  This is your blog, Justin, you control it. Don't be intimidated by readers who are bored and just want to see if they can hijack a discussion and send it off in different direction. Condoning such reduces the worth of your blog. It requires your readers to waste a lot of time. I read through all 14 of the comments trying to find comments on Fr. Jim's video but there was only one, so about 95% of my time reading this discussion was a total waste of time.. . ."
THANK you all for you comments and caring critique.  On a personal note I've done a little sifting n' sorting of my own and I can say added to my recent "jumping up and down in place"  -  love that image! hahaha -  I know things in my personal life have gotten a tad
testy.  A couple of recent phone chats with Peter ended being a bit
"edgy and sharp" which always bothers us no end. . .but we did end the edginess, etc,:  it finally dawned on me I haven't been home since Columbus weekend. . .almost a month!  Peter and I haven't had time together. . ..we got LOSAO when I said we were both suffering from that non-lethal Hawaian disease Lackanookey !  He agreed with my diagnosis. . . to which I replied "Your place or mine?"  Says he : "Your place. . .yours is the larger room, and there are fewer people around. . . but it doesn't really matter: your folks sleep downstairs! "
So Dr DaSilva and Dr O'Shea both concur on the  prognosis.  Next. . . . . . ..
justin ;-) 


Anonymous said...

Interesting post Justin.

Your opening paragraph sums up my reaction and thoughts on what Jim Martin said. It was simple and direct, not controversial to me at least.

So,after reading this latest post, in the cold light of day, and after a late night (as YOU well know Justin...ha!) ..... I re-read the comments that resulted from that subject to see what all the angst is/was about.

I can't really see a problem.
The subject was obvious, not controversial as far as I could see, in fact people had to go out of their way to find comment on it, they had to make up what was NOT there..what was NOT said, I guess, otherwise there'd have been nothing except agreement? The subject sort of morphed and progressed in the absence of something to argue about? I dunno.

His obvious and good message only raised questions in my head as to why the outspoken majority of mankind find it so hard to reach the same conclusion and message that Jim Martin gave us....and that frustration that I expressed was directed at mankind...and all the religious leaders that can't reach the same conclusion and preach the same message of tolerance, acceptance and love!!!

Yes, the comments moved on from that, and more or less followed a progression, comment upon comment, that is a natural progression in such a forum of discussion. Perhaps it needs to be brought back to the original subject and question, if there is one? In this case I think not because I don't think there was much else to say.
But then the upside of it was that it was instructive to see how people think, how they react...and their comments give us that information.

Honestly, I don't see a problem in how that thread progressed, I was surprised that it did not die earlier because of the lack of available things to disagree and agree on, it was all so obvious.

But then, as I've said to you Justin, I am a little slow on occasion..haha!

Cheers mate,
Greg in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Yes, another comment.
Damn all the effort expended on the blog! Spend the time on Peter!

Greg in Adelaide

JCinmeforever said...

...strive to find a balance I would encourage in relationships.

Yes, it would be prudent for all to focus on the subject of the blog.


Coop said...

Mea Culpa, mea culpa mea maxi ma culpa. :) Tranlated: Sorry. :)

I DO have a habit of going off topic in my musings... and I acknowledge it when I do too. LOL

I'll try harder to stay on topic and I don't mind at all if I get moderated.

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Coop!
"Moderated" Justin...... can you guess what images that conjurs up? I can''re an eveil man for doing that to me!!!.....hee hee!

Seriously, we all drift and sometimes steer violently off the track....taking our own path. Not intentionally, well, not by me anyways, not a lot of what I do online is intentional, I'm not that divisive ....or bored.

I love reading other's takes on things, and I love the interaction with Justin.....if I knew some of you guys better I'd be able to enjoy you guys better to.
Ah well, if I was doing that I'd have no spare time at all, ha!

Cheers all,
Greg in waitingtobemoderated Adelaide