Friday, July 22, 2011




Coop said...

I'll be at Fenway Paaaahk for the Red Sox game. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

NO Greater love [and insanity] hath the man who will lay down his life for the RedSox at Fenway. . . . yea, verily, yea.

He hath already received his reward: sweating and getting hydrated in the stands with the other crazies . . "All for RedSox bsaeball!". . .Bring on the ice cold beeah. . .git yoh cold beeaah heaarh. . .$10 bucks!

Richard said...

If I were to watch the Red Sox (slim chance, hate baseball) it would for darned sure be in front of a TV set. The thermometer in my car read 103 F when I got into it at around 3:30 pm. When I checked the Ptown live cam at about 3:00 pm you guys were at 93 and probably heading up. Too hot to walk in bare feet on dunes sand.

JustinO'Shea said...

For me baseball is about as exciting as watching paint dry! ;-))

The sand along the beach is well heated. . . hard on soles of feet. . . watch out for blisters. . .hahahaa

JustinO'Shea said...

G R E G in A D E L A I D E. . . I'be been wondering where you are. . .I've been missing meeting you in The Dunes. . . So I posted this large sunflower site hoping to catch your attention and maybe you'd check in and say Hello. . . .

Greg, I hope all is well and that you've been busy about many things.

Gary Kelly said...

Quick-dry paint's not so bad. It's all over in less than half an hour. And I've found that using different colors helps to keep it interesting.

Actually, we've got cricket in Oz. And in the summer, free-to-air TV is wall-to-wall cricket. Bleh.

Gary Kelly said...

By the way, we say paaaahk for real in Oz. "Where will I paaaahk the caaaah?" :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh my my my. . .do you think we might actually be related?. . .If we talk alike there must be some primitive nexus. . .right? hehehee

GreginAdelaide said...

Yo, I'm here Justino!
Been dead busy, just dropping in for quick peeks now and again, but too damned flat out.

However, I'm taking this fine clear-sky sunny COLD day off
I'ma takin my dawg for a walk up in them thar hills then popping up to a nearby town to visit a very good mate of mine. He's been stuck with baby sitting while his wife goes off to a market to sell stuff she makes for kids. Us guys need to support each other..haha.

Tomorrow I'll visit someone else, because I can...haha.

I'm trying like hell to avoid cabin fever....winter is a bit of a drag, I can hardly wait to get back to just wearing t shirts and shorts again. But then I'll soon be pining for cool weather again, ha!

No interest at all in any team sports here. Football drives me insane and I cannot get into cricket or tennis either. MotoGP and Superbike racing are the only sports I ever watch on the box. (Ben Spies is a honey)

Yep, I'm taking some time for me, to recharge.

J said...

I've been at work and, afterwards, at the gym. Pleased to report that despite record, and dangerously high temperatures(above 100 in all directions), the heat pumps of my home and office are strong, and my car air has held up, thank you. The gym was barely making it, and all the fans were going full speed. This is unnatural, to say the least.

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, Mother Nature is working overtime, like the pumps and fans you wrote about. . . Good to hear that your own personal life-giving pumps are also in good working order. . .

J. . .what is your opinion on this, if you care to comment. . ;-) I think that people's attitudes and.or temper-gage are very much affected by weather and humidity. . .like these recent days.
Even tho people cope and make do, etc, the longer the heat lasts, the shorter becomes the temper/attitude fuse or wick. . . people become a tad more testy. . .and in some cases, fiesty too.

Our "goodness and virtue, patience and tolerance" wear thin as the "heat" increases and the pressure extends.

This is what is happening in the "discussions" in DC about debt ceiling, budgets, i.e. in the farce going on this week[s]. . . Speaker B. seemed at the point of blowing his stack, aka 'loosing it' so he called it quits. I think Mr House Speaker resents being pressured by his party and those neo-cons Tea Party-ers. . et cetera.

Gary Kelly said...

J goes to the gym? I thought he had more sense. The last time I went they threw me out for using binoculars.

Yes, JustinO, heat makes people more testy... hot under the collar and all that. But ya know, the great thing about having two sides to an argument is that each side can spend all its time blaming the other without actually doing anything about solving the problem. It gives the impression of being constructive even though it ain't.

J said...

You are in a better position to know if there has been a correlation between hot temperature and intemperate behavior. We do know that weak winter light tends to promote depression.
As for the budget crisis, we are in no position to assess the reality of the debt ceiling negotiations. The New York Times reported yesterday that Obama had a compromise but that Congressional Democrats blew their stacks over it and backed him down in a screaming match. Boehmer said that thereafter Obama "changed the bar" and the deal was off. I would suggest that before we accept these talking points at face value we ask for a public disclosure of the details of the deficit reduction plans of all the parties before we assess them. I have said it before, and will reiterate it: I would have respect for Obama had he, at the time of the State of the Union Speech, announced his support for the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, which he appointed, and called on both parties to join him. That would have been gutsy leadership. But instead we got high quality bullshit.
I liquidated my last position in the stock market a week ago.

jimm said...

Im back at work. Temp outside was 98F so its ok to be at work in the 68F ac.

Stopped at Pelican's for a brewski and burger tonite. Nice to see ppl having a good time.

Sorry sox, NY Mets for me. Thru Buckner's wickets!

Rockit88 said...

I rode my bike this afternoon from Carver St and Commercial west to the end at the P'Town Inn, curious to see the pool there but apparently you have to go through the lobby to get to it and I just wanted to stay on my bike, I started back east and took a few photos, Old Jacks Wharf, the public landing - parking lot on the west end. Continued east to MacMillan Wharf, enjoyed some conversation, boats coming in and on to the Johnson St landing/beach, more pics and conversation, east to the Mews and back to Carver St to shower and work at 5 pm. I still love and am fascinated by this town so very much.

Incidentally, last week I handed in my Michigan drivers license and officially became a citizen of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not sure why it's not a state but I believe it may still have it's governor appointed by the queen ;-)

And so young man, what have you been doing this summer?

Stew said...

For me, I love the heat. I do find that I sleep more though.

I spent Thursday driving the limo to the Jimmy Buffet outdoor concert and partying in the 100 degree heat all afternoon. Only to sleep for what seemed like forever, well into Friday.

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, Rockit88, you are quite the trekker! And you weren't accosted by a car or the touristas. haha. . .and during your trip your eyes were accosted and refreshed by many sights and colours. . . good for body and mind. ;-)

Massachusetts is a Commonwealth because it has the Common Weal of its citizens first and foremost at priority. ;-) Weal - old Engl for welfare. . .as in 'Fare thee well! both a wish and a blessing.

With the Revolution all ties with the Royalty came to a decidedly abrupt end. . . But, the citizens like some 'pomp and circumstance' so the Commonwealth has raised a bevy of Queens on its own. LOL As to a Queen appointing the governor. . . ..hmmm. . .is that what they are fighting over?!

Is Pearline still on the scene this year? I haven't noticed. She must be the Dowager Queen Mother of All the ProvinceLands! ;-)

Last time I saw her, was a couple years ago, a vision in blue costume, climbing the stairs to a second story video/dvd rental place. . .with exposed, outdoor stairs. . . must have been between shows. . with some young puppy in tow. . .. yeeeecccchhh!

What have I been up to this summer?
Hmmm. . .I'll save that for another post. . .Right now I am doing laundry and drinking a cuppa.

~~ ciao ciao. . . justin

Jim said...

Nothing is better than a game at Fenway! We Nova Scotians take our baseball seriously....especially the Red Sox! Have spent a few afternoons baking in the stands! lol
Now as far as watching paint dry.....

JustinO'Shea said...

Chacun a son gout. . . .lol To each his own. . . Today would be a baking day at Fenway. . or anywhere in/near Boston.

I have a feeling that if Novs Scotia for some reason seceeded from Canada Nova Scotians would feel right at home as part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

I think folk from NS are quite similar to Northeastern Coastal US people. and vice versa. .we'd just fit. . .the Ocean does that, dont you think?

Gary Kelly said...

I've been having probs with my internet connection, dammit. So I'll try again.

I didn't realize Massachusettes was a commonwealth. Does that mean it's not one of the USA's 50 states?

Oz is a commonwealth, and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. We are a Constitutional Monarchy, which means Queen Betty is still head of state via our Governor General... but in practical terms we're an independent nation.

There's been talk for some time about Oz becoming a republic, but the fors and agins are pretty evenly divided. Betty doesn't seem too worried... those Antipodeans all grown up now so let them do whatever they bloodywell like. It saves a lotta gunpowder and cannon balls.

Gary Kelly said...

Now there's a thought! If Oz had been settled by the Brits prior to America's War of Independence, Aussies would have been obliged to be on the side of the Brits.

Bloody lucky for you Yanks, I say, cos you would have been overwhelmed by millions of boomerangs.

Fortunately, or otherwise, it was the loss of America that forced Britain to look for a new dumping ground for its convicts, and Oz was it.

Richard said...

Four of the states bear the formal title of commonwealth: Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In these cases, this is merely a historically-based name and it has no legal effect. Somewhat confusingly, the U.S. territories of the Northern Marianas and Puerto Rico are also referred to as commonwealths, and that designation does have a legal status different from that of the 50 states. Both of these commonwealths are unincorporated territories of the United States.

I happen to live in the very warm Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For the past three days my heat pump has been becoming weaker and weaker in its ability to cool my place. I think the Freon (or whatever environmentally-friendly stuff they use in them these days) needs to be replenished.

GreginAdelaide said...

Sheesh! over 22 comments on this thread Justin. Who wulda thunk!!

Seems we like to talk about whatever....and I like it. Each of the posts were interesting, it's nice to hear a bit more about what each of us gets up to and what drives our interests.

I had a squizz at
Rockit88's "sleeping" blog, interesting. It's a pity that it has been left for so long, some good writing there.

But curiosity is time consuming.... and I need some sleep.
Yep it was a good weekend, I'm all rested and recharged.
G'night all.

JustinO'Shea said...

....from a friend of mine.....