Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth of July 2011

I find it hard to believe this is July 4th. . .already!  Where is time going?  One of the older Yankees down the road has an annoying statement to make every year this time. . "Walll, tis 4th of July and Summer is almost over!"  which, to kids means one thing: "in a few days" it will be "back to school" and all that means.  Ssshhheeeesssh,
I hate it when peeps collapse a whole season into a "few days", don't you?  ;-)  All that stuff happens too fast anway. . . .;-)

The O'Shea residence is in "No Vacancy" status, like a lot of the vacation lodging places are too.  Good sign. . . when we all badly need some good signs. . . .not much coming out of High Places, like the Congress. . .for one example.  I am not much impressed with what those ladies and gents are NOT doing about a LOT of important issues. . . . yada..yada...yada.   The lot of them ought to go on Social Security, salaries for work done and not for a lifetime, after two years in office.   ..and, I want the same health care program these people enjoy.  Why not?  After all, they are elected to office to serve the real needs of the real people who elected then!
If they were living like the rest of the US of A they'd resolve a lot of these issues pretty damned quick.

Anyway, that aside, O'Shea House is in full residency. . .all of the Family are home.  First off, Mom's Mother, Mme Bouvier, my dear Granny in whose home I live when at school, came tootin' down the road the other day in her fire engine red VW beatle. . . .here for "a few days". . . .Then Friday afternoon sister and her husband - my favorite and only brother-in-law - arrived for the long weekend. . .with my favorite and only niece, and their son. . . My brother and my favorite sister-in-law, and their two handsome sons arrived early enough on Saturday. . .in time for lunch.  If I count correctly there are 12 of us here. . . .full house.  The Dirty Dozen are all assembled and accounted for. 

A lot of good conversations happen out here on the veranda over the weekend. . . it is almost "a time-immemorial custom" among the O'Sheas. . . LOL. . . in my memory to the days of yesteryear when little Justin used to race around on his tricycle on this wrap-around
porch.  And I see no existential evidence this will not continue to happen this weekend. . . .the chatting,  NOT the cycling!  hehe

 Along with celebrating the 236th anniversary of our Independence in 1775 from Great Britain, and the 235th anniversary of the birth of a new nation with the convening of the first Continental Congress in 1776 at Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. . . .ahem. . .we are celebrating another yearly event.

And also on June 30th Mom and Dad, Peter and I went "out to dinner" to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of  Justin, after ten years
without a baby in the house. . . .;-).  So I have begun my 23rd year in terra viventium. . .in the land of the living doing so with a great deal for which to be extremely grateful!  

This "blessed event". . hahaa. . .will be further commemorated later this afternoon at the annual famous?/infamous? Fourth of July BBQ chez O'Shea.  All of the family is here and we will be joined by a good number of family friends and relatives of varying degrees. . ;-)
And, to honor the occasion, I have been liberated from my usual job of being the GO-FER for all the guests serving and refreshing the drinks of our celebrators. . . . . and more easily avoid getting my buns pinched by a couple of the local Cougars who "have to be invited". . . one of these gals. . ahem. . .gets a tad more brazen with each drink which I used to water down somewhat. . .she never seemed aware of that!  ho ho ho. . . The last time she did that "Cougar Roam" I told her in no uncertain terms "Do that again. MRS SoandSo and I'll crack those fingers for you. . ."  To which she fuzzily replied "Oh Justin honey, you're so cute!". . . ..Baitch !
C'est la vie, I guess.  But I do not welcome "pawing the goods". LOL    I do not have much to complain about, but this is one area of  HANDS OFF !

Mme Bouvier . . .gramma. . .has made one of her fastidious birthday cakes.  They look too fancy to be cut into. . .but. . .noblesse oblige and I do a good job of blowing out candles and making the first cut. . .then this is turned over to the experts.

Our annual July 4th BBQ is always fun. . . .see and natter with people I haven't seen since last year in many instances. . .and. .LOL
last summer I discovered I have a gay cousin I didn't know about.
I went to a second floor bathroom, thinking all the guests stayed downstairs. . . .ho ho ho. . .well, to our mutual surprise I opened the door to find Cousin making out like a bandit with a newly-made 'friend'.  Oh we are just everywhere. . .hehe. . and find one another rather easily. . it seems.  hahahaaa.  I found another bathroom! 

I hope you all have a great fun day. . . . 
ciao ciao. . . .


Jim said...

Sounds like a busy day ahead, Justin! Hey, those cougars know a good thing when they see it!! Too bad, so sad for them!
Happy 4th to you and yours!

Richard said...

What a geat 4th of July weekend you folks have had up there on the Cape this year. Beautiful skies and temps in the mid 70's. Yum.

I was just watching the parade on Lots of hunky guys with their shirts off. Even yummier. :)

That picture of the porch (ok, veranda) reminds me SO much of a print which I have hanging in my bedroom. It was taken by Joel Meyerowitz (a famous Cape photographer for you Aussies) and is from his "Cape Light" series. It shows a shot pretty much like your porch, looking out to the water, and was taken at night with a single bolt of lightning crashing down to the water.

Aside from the Cougars, it sounds like you and your family will be having a very enjoyable day today.

Oh, and it's time to update your blog page to change 21 to 23. :) But who's counting?

jimm said...

Ahh well, i remember those cougars always after my hair. Now look at me! No pinchers, tho!

Looks like an awesome view from the veranda!

My party of one shall head for the beach, shortly. So nice with the cool breeze on a sizzling hot 4th.


JustinO'Shea said...

Hey RICH. . .they are only numbers! lol
Y'ever think it just might have been our porch. . night? ;-))

Keep on EN JOYing. . .

Richard said...

Nah, couldn't be your house. The water is too close. Here is a link to the image:

JustinO'Shea said...

Rich. . .you're correct. Not ours. Way too close to the ocean. .. practically floating on Cape Cod Bay.
and the wood work on the railing is different.

The streak of lightning is interesting. . . ..different, ;-))

Stew said...

Here in Michigan, we only have two seasons; Winter and the fourth of July.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and all the family and friends. These are the things that make life worth it.

And lastly, good luck as you depart on your 24th trip around the sun. May it be epic!

Pat said...

No go-fering...the boy's growing up! Enjoy what's left of the Fourth and thanks for inviting us to the Dunes. Pat

Gary Kelly said...

Nice to read about the family gathering for the 4th, and your 23rd birthday, JustinO. And I absolutely adore that veranda. It's hard to imagine a more idyllic life than the one you lead.

As to your question, where does time go, I'll let you know when I've figured it out.

Coop said...

I admire your patience with the cougars, Justin. I'd hide in my room & refuse to participate.
Don't they know you aren't interested in the species? ;-)

Coop said...

As far as Congress goes; I get more and more offended by our 2-party system by the day.

This representative democracy of ours will do just fine without the democrats, the republicans, and the "party leadership".

JustinO'Shea said...

G"Day, COOPerino:. . .
Hey. . there is not a pack of them there catz. . hahaha. . .only one major Cougar. . and I will not be cornered or controlled by one uncouth broad ! ho ho ho
Besides, she DIDN"T even show up this year. . ..she had a "cold". . . hehee