Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In the first posting I read this morning from my buddy, pal, soulmate up on the North Shore. . .  the Coopsta to point a finger, musing half out loud, as always posing questions. He points out that some time back I "blatantly invited" him to post his own comments/thoughts/opinions "on the topic de jour"  and yes, correctly expressed. . ;-).
Then came this queery:  Here is a counter-point. Is it wrong to draw/divert attention to oneself. Doesn't that seem arrogant? Self-centered?

HoKay, CoopstaBabes, where is that one coming from?  Which thread from your notorious past [an attempt at humor. . LOL] did you snag this morning?

From your "logic" here I and other bloggers and those who co-habitate Justin Dunes must be among "the most arrogant and self-centered" people in the Blo-gas-phere. .hehe .!  So I went back to the very first few posts, starting July 4, 2009 for a look-see.  So Justin Dunes is into year three.  . . having been suggested and pushed off the bridge by the Star of the Aussie Kingdom Shannon Boh. .taaaduuuuuhhh . . .so you see, ShazzBoh, Tink is still dog-paddling:  Thank You!  ;-) 

Sharing ideas, thoughts, comments, " our experience, strength and hopes". . . in other words  communication is one of the quint-essential aspects of human living and loving. . . .and what could be more important that these two?!  "A relationship is only as good as its communication." [Intro=Psych 101. . hahahhaaa]  And think of it, isn't it awesome we can do that, especially thru the internet. Think of all the wonderful people we have met and chatted with on the NET!
Are we self-centeredly calling attention to ourselves?  Is this being arrogant?  Hon, I do not think so at all!  In general if guys were describing me. . . . or I was describing myself. . . .very few would choose arrogant and self-centered terms.  Trust me, in the years now I have been studying psychology and especially in the honest and often times raw honesty of therapeutic sessions, work groups, and the like, among my peers. . . most of whom I would describe as energetic, self-searchers, compassionate and emphathetic young males. . . that is a huge amount of hutzpah and testosterone in action. . . . rarely would we use the term arrogant to describe ourselves or others. . . . .

And, Duude, my bro. . . I certainly do not see YOU as arrogant or self-centered, or calling attention to yourself in an "arrogant self-centered manner". . . so I would have to say. . . .go ahead, try n force me. . .hahahahaa. . . ..YES I think it is wrong to assess your involvement in The Dunes as that!  Look, in a real sense we do that all the time. . . I walk into a room, open my mouth or not, I have diverted attention to myself.. . .at least momentarily.  Wrong?  Of course not.  I am simply inter-acting with others present.  If I do that with 76 trombones and a big parade. . . .well, I do think that would be a bit out of line and exaggerated.  Yepper. I do.

And that is about all I am going to say on that topic. . .a topic now du jour. .. or is it de jour?  Who cares!  Not putting on my Dr Freud look, inviting you to the couch, and engaging in any more psycho-babble.  That would be about as useful now as counting the  buttons of the guy's baggies sitting across from me!  hahahaha  Y'ever been so bored out of your skull in a lecture from someone-pretending-he-is-some-sort-of-god that you've resorted to some sort of behaviour like that?  Hahahaha. .. . .aaaaaahhh the endless resourcefulness and creativity of the human male animal!

Keep coming back, COOPster. . . we all love you. . . .you're a regular DUNESTER STAR ! ho ho ho
                                                    justin o'shea . . .dunes keeper




Coop said...

Thanks for the shout out Cape Cod soulmate :)

Aaanway I read through the comments in shy guys Part II. Gary brings up an interesting point there... shyness versus modesty.
And that's what I was actually thinking about. Sort of.

The shy guy could be thinking "I don't want to talk about ME all the time." He may have trouble deciding when to talk and when to let others take part. Shy guy does not want to be arrogant and take over the conversation. That's part of shyness too... in my experience :)

And with that I'l shut up and read along as the rest of you guys discuss this

Gary Kelly said...

The reason my very bestest ever mate and I got along so well was because we had something very important in common: we both thought he was wonderful. :)

So although I did a lot of the talking a lot of the time, it was always about him hehe.

I remember my mother's advice: when you ask a girl to dance, ask lots of questions and don't talk about yourself.

As to Coop's reluctance to talk about himself, here's my advice. Always begin an introductory sentence with, "I know a guy who..." and then continue on with your own story. People will assume you're talking about somebody else.

I'm Irish, by the way.