Sunday, July 17, 2011

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This parade doesn't seem to have an end. C'mon Santa....rescue us!

Thanks, Pat.
Seems to me  Alan Chambers is a bottom drawer idgit !  Look at the faces of this couple:  they drank the cool aid. . .they drank the frickin' cool aid.


Stew said...

Every young person just wants to be normal. A lot of overweight people want to be normal as well. What is normal? I openly accept my overweight friend. That doesn't change that he is putting his health at risk by weighing in at over 400 pounds. He is also gay. But I fail to see how that is as life threatening as his weight.

I myself struggled to change how I felt when I was younger. I wanted to be like everyone that I knew. It wasn't until I accepted myself that I was truly happy. So I can sympathize with anyone who would try this therapy. But I also pray that they will find the courage to accept themselves for the wonderful person that God created in them.

Gary Kelly said...

I didn't see any coolaid. The link didn't work for me so I did a Google.

Anyway, I think it's time for a bit of good ol' Irish logic. Alan Chambers says homosexuality is a sin.

I would argue that space exploration must be a sin because we humans were not designed by nature to be floating around out there.

If the Garden of Eden didn't have toilets, soap, toothpaste, microwave ovens, or cell phones then they must be sins too.

How am I doing so far?

If a brunette dyes his/her hair blond, you don't get a blond. You get a fake. Alan Chambers is a fake.

He compares homosexuality to obesity. Only a fool would do that. So he's not only a fake, he's a fool.

Stew said...

In the spirit of these last few post, here's a video that proves, it only works on the outside. Deep down, we are who we are.

Gary Kelly said...

Good one, Stew. Thanks for the link.

Coop said...

I wish you wouldn't even post this buffalo poop. but it isn't my blog.

Coop said...

If Michelle Bachman is elected president, she won't force this idea of "curing" gay people.
I think she's the type to voice her own opinion. She refuses to be "politically correct". I, for one, respect that. I can be a bitch too.

She's also courting voters who think they can mold America according to their "Christian" beliefs (and I use that term lightly). She NEEDS those votes.
President Obama probably has support from people who disagree with him sometimes.
Think of that way, Justin psychologist in training ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

You got that one correctamente, amigo.
Don't read. . .simple solution.

Remember I did invite guys to contribute items, articles, issues that are important to them. I honor that.

You see, it broadens my world. . .those of us on the Eastern edge of the Atlantic. . what with all the floatsam and jetsam pressing in on us from "out there". . .really do TEND to chronic narrow-mindedness.

Hardening of the categories has nothing to do with aging arteries. . . . n'est-ce pas, North Shore Duuude. . ?

Justin- keeping-it-simple-today ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Michele Backmann is a Christian wife who subscribes to St Paul "Wives, be subject to your husbands, in all ways, as to Christ." yeeeech!

She and hubby are glove and paw in synch on matters GAY and allied.

BTW, hehe, I hope always to be learning. but recall I am a degreed and licensed practitioner of the trade. . . .psychology. . . .ahem. hahahahahahahaahahhaaa

JustinO'Shea said...

Dangerous, isn't it, the way they hand out degrees and licenses. . .lmsao

Coop said...

Ohhhh :} You're an official psychologist. Cool!

I somehow thought you weren't official until you got the PhD.
Shows you what I know. heehee.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeaaah, as soon as that bit of vanity left, I cringed. . that I even posted that.
Coopsta, there are all manner of "mental health councilors, coaches, therapeutic practitioners" in the field who are professionally licensed. But the old adage is true here also. . ."the proof is in the pudding". . . .but not the coolaid. LOL
AND you better have some pretty good insurance coverage so yer ass aint left out to dry. . .or burn. . or flapping in the breeze over Cape Cod Bay!
But that is another story for a cold Winter's day. . .a deep and dark December. . . with "The Sounds of Silence". . . . [kudos to Paul Simon and his friend Art. of yesteryear. .;-) ]

Coop said...


I see your point (having one's world broadened/fighting against narrow mindedness, etc.
In that case, I'm glad you shared it :)

This stuff... comparing homosexuality to obesity... is buffalo poop.
I can't think of anything else to say about it.

JustinO'Shea said...

Remember the ancient TV program "Gay Eye for the Str8 Guy". . ..teach 'em up to 'gay it up" a bit.

Yeah . . . .so???

Donno. just came to mind. . .my vacuum. . . .LOL

gp said...

My guess is that the long-term success rate of Weightwatchers is much less than 50%. And the success rate of the "conversion therapy" used by these pseudo-Christian, pseudo-psychologists is probably 10% of Weightwatchers' success rate.

The biggest problem with their so-called therapy is that there's no disorder in the first place. Homosexuality ain't like obesity... it's like left-handedness. I think nearly everyone agrees that it would be pointless and nearly impossible to "convert" someone to right-handedness.

JustinO'Shea said...

Very good points, GP. . . ;-)

OK, quick! everyone. . now tell me. . is the O'SHea kid right or left hnnded? hmmm?

See... it just shows to go me. . if it ain't fixed don't break it!

There. Is he bi-sexual or ambidextrous? Or is that bi-polar?
Or two rights make a wrong? Or he has two right hands?

'Zat mean he has Polish grandparents on the Gypsy side?

That means c'est mieux de rester avec le francais!

Oh that's all so mauvre! as in gay.
Merde! it makes me no never mind!
"Ash mileto alos! Thanks, I'll have a beer!

(Gary send the O'Shea kid to his room with his teddy. . .All that ends well is sooo gay! Told ya. . .hahaha )