Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Out-Loud musings and wonderings. . .

OK. . .we've had the two articles of how to avoid the "SummerTimes Blues". . . .how to get 'involved' etc.   Now I'd like to throw this open to all and any one who'd like to make an observation, share your opinions, experience, hopes and needs. . . .

I'd like to start by asking a couple questions. . . .and you can make comments, add info or/and observations, etc. Plenty of room to reply right here. . .  Please, feel free. . .a lot of us could profit from your ideas.  Thanks. . . . .  .justin

2 questions - for now anyway - do all these "suggestions" sound REAL to you?

Do you find yourself wanting to tell BRAD to wake up and get a life?!
I do. . .

Care to share? What are your reactions to these 2 articles? Do they strike you as "busy work". .something to keep Lonesome Brad busy?


Gary Kelly said...

JustinO, what do you mean by wanting to tell Brad to get a life? Do you mean "a" life? Or do you mean "get a life like mine"?

Brad's already got a life.

I'd love a dollar for every time someone has said to me, "If I were you..."

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, Gary Babes, quibble over speech expressions if you will, I am not being sucked into it. TYVM. ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Ooer. Gary babes. I think my luck is changing. Better late than never ya know.

Stew said...

Sometimes we're too busy for "getting a life". We become so absorbed in our routines that we get negative about anything that disrupts that routine. And therefore never get out of it.

Coop said...

we're getting a participation grade?

Brad needs to get real. Yeah... grt rid of the love handles. He's not doing himself any favors by comparing himself to the "Greek Gods". He (Brad) is guaranteed to fail.

There's a little bit of Brad in each of us. Even YOU, Justino.

Coop said...

This scenario is so laden with cliches it's barely believable.
["Desperate Housewives" marathon... landscape of bronzed speedo clad men. And after the beach there's the pride parade. ] It sounds like Jesery shore... only Gay-er.


JustinO'Shea said...

Oh really? MOI!? Pray, tell. . .
ho ho ho

I suppose Brian set it up that way. . that we'd see ourselves. . .and others...ahem. . hahaaa As you say . .there is a bit of Brad in most of us. . .( in all but the perfect. . lol )

Coop said...

"Do something that affirms your gay identity." What does that mean, I wonder. It's a bit vague.

Don't I affirm my gay identity when I look at pics of Lautner?

JustinO'Shea said...

Coops, I do not know. Do you affirm or not? Does that do some affirming?
I suppose. . .

HAY GUYS. . ..HELP here. . .what do you think about COOP's question: does it or doesn't it?

Richard said...

Does he have "lust in his heart" when he looks at those pictures??? If so, yes.

For some folks, affirming one's gay identify means going to someplace like Ptown and buying lots of new beach and bed outfits so that one can change clothes four times a week. For others, it means walking the paths where Thoreau trod in the dunes.

I think Justin takes the latter path and it has made all the difference. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Let me see. . .does one look at TLautner's photos "with lust in his heart. . "? Quite likely. . if he is gay and TL is "his type", and most importantly if he is still able to breathe and take nourishment.

Hahahaa, Richard, as you indicate, I am not given to multiple costume changes. . .nor dressing for the crowds who aren't even looking at me anyway. . ..LOL

But I am "into" relationships. . .those who are prominent in my life are essentially important and needed for good health, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

I think re-enforcing my sexual orientation happens the more honest, comfortable I become with who I am, trying to be equally honest and sincere in my relationships with others. . .which doesn't leave much room for "game playing" and/ or "using" others for my amusement, pleasure, entertainment.

jimm said...

Can i give it a go?

Comparing myself to others never did me any good. But as a teen, i always wanted to ask other teens what the thought of me. I guess doing a self-assessment wasn't enough.

Later in life i learned that several kids back then actually looked up to me.

As for 'get a life,' it's not that simple for everyone.

I somehow missed out on one of the most fundamental lessons as a youngster. Many ppl would tell me how it is good to set goals, but i never really learned how to sit down and set realistic step-goals to reach my primary goals.

Yeah, i know it sounds stupid, but it's true.

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . .nothing stupid about what you said. . .not at all. We all have our different ways of doing things. . .I think that's what make people so wonderful. . .we are all different. . no carbon copies. . imagine how boring it would be!!! yikes. But we are blessed in the great variety others bring us. . ..and their gifts bring out the best in us. . . . .and we do that for them too.

And that is nice. . . . ;-))

Gary Kelly said...

Okay, so if we all have our different ways of doing things, and that's what makes us all so wonderful, why criticize Brad?

Gary 1, JustinO 0. :-P

JustinO'Shea said...

Was I? hmmmm
I thought I was making observations and participating in a discussion based on an established premise.
In the established premise Brad is unhappy with his current life-sitz und lieben and wondering what to do about the ole Summer-Time Blues. . .and we are all trying to help him. . .{really helping ourselves to assess our personal sitz-und-leiben.] Those who wish may sit on the sidelines and watch, or actually jump in and contribute something worthwhile . . .but pls refrain from throwing barbs. They scratch. ;-) and wound tender skin. LOL

Coop said...

Hi Richard,

My gay identity isn't wrapped up in my outfits . . . or lack thereof ;-) I look for knowledge too. I don't know if I'd call myself a "Thoreau". Lust isn't the only ingredient in a gay identity. Nor are meaningful relationships. . . or ummm. . . "physical activities".

I think there is no "gay identity" to be affirmed. We all share the one necessary feature. The rest is up to the individual man. I'd ask Brian why he wrote that in. The article is more helpful Without it.
Speaking of, I feel like I'm Brian's harshest critic. He's doing a great job overall :}

jimm said...

Beach wrestling tomorrow. I can't wait! Does that cover the 'gay identity' ?

And thanks for the kind words, Justin!

Coop said...

This has been rolling around in my mind: Maybe Brian used so many cliches because our "inner Brad" focses on the cliches... what OTHER people think he should be.

Or something like that.

JustinO'Shea said...

hmmm. . . .sounds quite plausible.

Some peeps spend a hellava lot of time trying to figure out what others want them to be. . .and all the time the peeps are wishing you/he would just be who you are now. . .never mind the Shakespearean roles in the major plays. . .Life is not s Summer Theatre Festival. . . ;-)