Friday, July 15, 2011


A friend from school sent me this news item

This makes me angry!  The program, by "one of the family", shows an "experiment" done  on a 5 year old boy.  It is tragic. . .even beyond tragic.  For things like this I  think the Biblical words so often used in the Ritual of Marriage:  "What, therefore, God has joined together let no one put asunder!"

Being a 'person of faith'  - a fact some would consider even peculiar today -lol - I often go back to early-on-learned concepts: "God made me in God's image and likeness" so my gender, my sexual orientation is all part of that awesome creative act wherein through the passionate love of my parents God called me into being and joined together in one my body, mind and spirit . . . .So what God has joined together let no one put asunder! 

This horrific experiment on a little boy conducted by psychotherapists  at UCLA. . . and elsewhere, I am sure. . . stands as "pulling asunder" a human person . . . .an act which cries to heaven for justice.  Anderson Cooper shows this rapist - this would-be- practitioner of homosexual reparation therapy for what he and it is.
                                                           justin o'shea

Anderson Cooper 360 show had what I would call the "Asshole of the Year" award - George Rekers.  He "treated" a young boy back in the 1970's to "cure" him of effeminate behavior.  Of course, recently, Dr. Rekers went overseas with a "male escort" found on the internet from some site called "Rent-a-boy" or something close to that.

Here is the two-part series - worth a watch:

http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn. com/2011/06/08/ac360-the- sissy-boy-experiment/?iref= allsearch
http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn. com/2011/06/09/ac360-part-ii- of-sissy-boy-investigation/? iref=allsearch


Coop said...

Can someone tell me what effeminate behavior is? Who decides what is "effeminate"?

jimm said...

Government funded, as well, your tax dollars at work, disgusting.

justin, i think a lot of us experienced what it is like to be rejected at such a young age, but this goes way beyond that.

Imagine the thoughts that flooded Kirk's mind when he held his newborn nephew. That some person could hold something so precious and vulnerable, then destroy him.

And what really really scares me? These ppl are running for president.

JustinO'Shea said...

Scares me too, JIMMBOB. . .a lot!
Michele Bachman woman and her husband are in a clinic that practices gay-changing. . .etc. . and her own remarks made my hair turn white over night! hahahaa

Then thar TeaParty Critters are one hellava crazycrowd. . . and they sure are not pro-gay! Over night they'd re-open those detention camps Halliburton built a few years back. . they are just sittin' there. . . .

How's the beachin' these days out along Lake Ontario. . .do you stay away from the area where the Genesee River empties into L. Ontario. . . ? ;-))

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPs. . ."effeminate behavior" might be a boy who acts like a girl does. . You have noticed a difference, right? hahahaa. . . .dress a boy like a girl and you might not be able to tell he isn't female. . .

Does that give you some ideas? ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

hmmmm. . . .who decides what is 'effeminate'. . . ???

I do not know.

JustinO'Shea said...

Here, COOPs, try this. . .reading some 'girl-talk' about 'straight effeminate men'. . .

Stew said...

The seventies were harsh. After all that free love of the sixties, churches were fighting back with everything they had. It was still considered a mental disease to be homosexual. And diseases can be remedied. Then AIDS hit in the eighties forcing more hatred to be dumped on us.

Of coarse we know that homosexuality is not a disease and AIDS is a disease for everyone and things are getting better. That doesn't change all the hatred that was dumped on us babies of the seventies.
It took a lot for me to give up what I was taught all my life and accept myself and all the other gay people of the world as the real normal ones.
For me it was 1998 when I snapped. I've been happier than ever, ever since. I value the lessons learned as a child. But I don't have to live by those rules.

Some people, like Kirk, can never make that switch. It's sad that it ever happened. We now need to live our lives openly and show the world that we are no more the freaks than they are themselves.

JustinO'Shea said...

Here! Hear! Well said, Stew. . . .We may move beyond the "early stuff" but I don't think we forget it. . . .

jimm said...

JustyBob, the port, with its boardwalk and long pier, is a terrific place to get in some walking and oogling, well... :P i am staycationing this week and next. Perfect weathah, too!

Coop said...

What I'm really asking is who decides what behaviors/personality/emotional traits are "effeminate".
I'm not necessarily talking about clothes and shoes here.

JustinO'Shea said...

Nor was/am I talking about clothing; nor was the link I sent you.

Who decides? You know as well as I do. . . .SOCIETY does. ;-)) We live in a "society". . .LOL So, WE DO


Guess, I was more on the other side
of being a boy when I was 4 or 5,
this was back in the early '40s.
I was always looking through Sears
Catalogs and wanted a dream house,
later, I searched men in their underwear. Told by younger brother
that I threw a ball like a
girl does. I was known as a sissy at home. What I was given I sometimes resented it and wasn't really aware of it. All my life
I said God punished me by having
my eye removed, at 8yrs. I said to
myself that He wouldn't let me into
His Heaven, cause I am gay.
Marriage never helped. You are what you are, I didn't have anything to do with what I was given. I am what I am.
Rekers, (won't call him a Doc, doesn't deserve the title) has no
business questioning God, he must
be a very frustrated Gay!!!
Thanks Justin, for bring us this article. Did you have any of these traits or feelings. Just
wanted to be honest with myself that I keep buried in the deep, dark, not wanting anyone to know.

Coop said...

I guess I should look at that link, eh :)

Justin Dunes said...

Kinda hard to be part of a conversation when one is not quite aware of what others are talking about, don't you agree? ;-) Without common background comments can fly in the wind. . . .and nose dive.

Whether you look at the links is totally up to you, Coops.

Gary Kelly said...

Oh, and Coop... what is effeminate behavior? Check the interview with Rekers as he sits behind the wheel of his car, and watch the movements of his right hand as he speaks. If that guy is not effeminate I'm Donald Duck.

J said...

An analysis of Dr. Josef Mengele published not long after his remains were identified in Paraguay recounted how he came from a wealthy heavy equipment manufacturing family in Germany and, after graduation from medical school, became a researcher in the field of eugenics. His published research may seem horrid today, but it was within the mainstream of biological research in the '30's. Had Hitler not given him the power of a demigod he would probably have spent his life as a tenured, if slightly twisted, professor in some German medical school. I consider Reker to be the same sort of fellow: an ordinary, even banal man whose career was sponsored by respected institutions of higher learning. He is a mild mannered monster. The fact that he is also an oily, Bible-thumping hypocrite who lies even when he is caught by TV cameramen in an airport with his rentboy makes him all the more repulsive. The only questions left to be answered are how did we manage to cloak him in respectability, and how many more of him are loose in society.

Coop said...

The Het girls seemed to be saying that a man's mannerisms etc. have nothing to do with his sexuality.
... and it's kind of what I thought too.

I was called a sissy or something when I was young by one or two people. It was cause of the leg.
And it was before I started having "feelings".
So maybe I'm not part of the conversation :P