Tuesday, July 19, 2011


To those who want to dump on the President, see below:
After over 25,000 of you signed a petition to President Obama asking him to endorse the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal DOMA, today White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the President will endorse the bill! This -- the White House endorsing legislation that has yet to pass either house of Congress -- is extremely rare, and marks the urgency with which the President wants to see DOMA erased forever.
The mills of the gods, the mills of the gods.

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Gary Kelly said...

I'm at an age now where I just sit back and watch the game without getting too involved.

But I would remind supporters of DOMA that the Holy Trinity consists of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost... all blokes. God's not married, ya know. It's an exclusive men's club.

Mind you, there are feminists who suggest that God is a woman. Dream on, baby. No way. God's a bloke.

So I reckon if it's cool for the Holy Trinity to be same sex, then it's cool for marriage to be likewise.