Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Good News. . . .

Hey Justin,

This was posted by the station engineer at WOMR.
Sounds like it went well, so far so good!

Leggs Up and Dancin' with Lady Di
Hello everyone - this is John Braden, not Lady Di. I just heard from
the hospital; Lady Di had a triple by-pass and has come through it
very well. She will be resting this evening and they will try to get
her to sit up and possible walk a bit tomorrow.

[[ OK, thanks all for your care. . . .keep it up!  ;-))  justin  ]]


Rockit88 said...

Thanks Justin,

I'm glad you were able to see the information about Lady Di's operation in time and pass it on.

She is a very special person. Her show impressed me on my first visits to P'Town and seeing her do the show 2 weeks ago when I volunteered at the station made an even bigger impression, a high level of good energy and a message of love. And I'm old enough to enjoy the 50's and early 60's rock n roll she plays too. She even played a dedication for me a while back "I'll Be Seeing You" when I was missing my mom, it was a favorite song of hers. It is nice to be able to show her some love and respect, most other towns would not appreciate her the way we do here in the most free spirited place in America.

Thank you to all who sent some love and caring thoughts to her today.

Coop said...

I'm glad that went well.
Thank GOD.

Gary Kelly said...

Hehe Coop. You certainly are persistent.