Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Lil Tidbit for Some One. .. ;-))

Items do tend to come my way. . . .lil' bits of trivia. . . ;-))

Justin--Have you noted that the beautiful fellow whose visage you've been using on the right side of your page is the Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, now starring in Thor?  I liked him better when he wasn't so beefy.  He now looks like a professional wrestler.


                                                                 I agree. . . . .;-)   Sorry, Thor! 


Richard said...

And all this time I thought that picture was of Justin. Guess it's time to have the specs changed.

JustinO'Shea said...

Sssshhhh. . .RICHARD, hush, hush. . keep on thinking it's me. . ..whoooaaahh.

Naaaw, I am the guy in the face photo just above my bio, under 'About Me'. .and here and there en blog Justin does appear. . .if your eyes are open. . ..he sorta sneaks in and around. . likewise Peter. . .we just kinda wander thru on the sidelines, as it were. ;-) Quiet types. . . .unobtrusive. . . peaceful souls. . .roaming thru The Dunes. . .LOL

Richard said...

Actually, I did know that you were the lad at the top of the page; but he does bear SOME resemblance to you.

BTW, I just checked to see what kind of reviews THOR has received. Not bad but not great.

Whilst there I found this funny quote from the movie:

Thor: I need a horse!
Pet Store Clerk: We only have dogs, cats, and birds.
Thor: Well give me one big enough to ride.

JustinO'Shea said...

Really. . . ? Oh dear. .. !

"THOR. . . . . .. . .c'mere....."


Gary Kelly said...

He'd probably look okay on a baroque table, though.


Thought that the was a pic of you on the side, looks like two different Justins. Thought the one on your bio, at top was kind and gentle, and the other on right side was the other you. Was going to ask you but didn't get to it.
You cleared it up. Thanks