Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Could you work with an intern like this one?




I hope you don't have him as an
intern. It would be a living
sorta of Hell. If it is true,
Good Luck!!! The Blue Eyes are
what would knock me Out!!! I would
work with Bated Breath.....

Gary Kelly said...

Any minute now, that guy is gonna open his mouth and bare his fangs.

J said...

I don't know, Justin. His eyes are a really pretty color, but he has a Neanderthalesque overhanging brow and a potato nose. Are you thinking of hiring him? (Be careful, professor. Remember the old adage, "Don't fuck the help". Arnold and DSK will vouch for this!)

GreginAdelaide said...

Hmmm....obviously, that depends on one's definition of "work".

But in all definitions of the word that I can think of....and one comes to the fore quite instantly, the answer is YES!!!!

Alastair said...

Sure I could work with him, but the nature of the work might not be what the boss was paying us for...

Richard said...

So, what's the story behind this picture, Justin?

JustinO'Shea said...


Thanks for your concerns! Not to worry. . .even if ROB does get the internship. . .not to worry! hahahaaa

I've been at the university almost 7 years now . . .hehe, , I went right after kindergarten. . ho ho ho Let me remind you that we do have an ethics code for all faculty and students as far as proper behaviour goes. Any hanky-panky between a faculty member/student teacher/ and a student would cost the faculty person immediate loss of job and privileges . . .and also in my case loss of the various grants I have received from the university for various awards.

Keep in mind I am a man of my word, that is partially how I got the position of adjunct professor: honesty and dedication/commitment to principles.

And first of all I have a commitment to Peter. . an exclusive commitment, which does not include any dalliances with anyone. I do not fool around.
I am not 'available'. . .I may kid around and flirt a bit. . .but that is all it is. . . kidding.

Trust me. ;-))

One of the major things about professional conduct that has been stressed in the school of psychology is the professional code of conduct required of all therapists with clients.. . from first year intro psych. The therapeutical relationship is scared.

New England Yankees have an exquisite way of expressing this:
"Tis a mean bird who shits in his own nest."

I do not plan to mess up my life. . I haven't yet . . tho' there were a couple bad calls 'once upon a time'. . .when I was "just a student". . . I learned very quickly. ;-)

Thanks for your care and concern.


JustinO'Shea said...


That ought to read "The therapeutic relationship is sacred." NOT scared as my type reads. ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Thanks for the explanation, JustinO. It makes sense now, which is not usually one of your strong points.


JustinO'Shea said...

Hmmmmm. .. .I don't often "make sense", Mr Kelly? hmmmm maybe not to you. . .. sorry bout that, I guess. .lol. . ..but I do make some sort of sense to me. . .and if you are awake you can catch it if you put aside your rebuttles and just read what I am trying to say. .. maybe? Then come up with your views. . after the fact. .. ;-)

Of course I do admit to the fact that age and experiences are years apart. . . you may be looking at life from the opposite point from me. . ..you've been there; you've done that and now are "settling in". . . I am just beginning. . ;-) with much to learn. Maybe? ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Much to learn? You're not Robinson Crusoe, JustinO. We're all in the same boat.

No matter how much we learn in life, we're still only scratching the surface. My scratches may be a little deeper than yours, but they're still only scratches.

When I give you a bit of stick, it's all part of the Kelly O'Shea comedy routine for the amusement of Dunes readers. I'm a song and dance man... always have been.

Don't take me too seriously, JustinO. Just because I don't LOL, doesn't mean I'm not giggling my tits off.

GreginAdelaide said...

At last Mr Kelly!

I've known this for a looong time...but maybe you did need to spell it out.