Monday, May 30, 2011

A Serious Study

A serious study/investigation into certain psychiatric practices in UK among certain practitioners actually using "reparative therapy" and certain techniques which came into usage. . . "promising" and trying to 'convert' a homosexually oriented person to heterosexuality.


Gary Kelly said...

"I think there is something there . . . you've allowed things to be done to you." She then prayed: "Father, we give you permission to bring to the surface some of the things that have happened over the years." I asked who could have committed this abuse – a member of my family? "Yes, very likely," she replied.

How nice of Pilkington to give God permission.

J said...

Another quack bites the dust!

Stew said...

I think it's clear that she does not represent the industry as a whole.
Even though he asked to be cured, I think most therapist would encourage you to accept yourself. Not try to change yourself.


When they try to change what God
has done with His Works, that none
of us can understand. What He has
Made, let no one else try to take
away or change.
I say that we are a Gift from God. Remembering that He
Made All Things Perfect!!! This is
my humble way of Thanking Him!!!

JustinO'Shea said...

Excellent attitude, JOE. . . .but when we are a minority and do not "feel" approval from "officiousdom" it can be hard to remember who we are. . .GIFT ! ;-))

Keep on reminding us, JOE. . .you've been at it longer than a lot of us have. ;-)


Coop said...

No practices/codes of conduct will stop people... including psychologists/psychiatrists from believing that "Gay" = WRONG.

Maybe the patients most inclined to listen to these... quacks...
have been taught that being Gay is wrong? As for Patrick, I kinda wonder why he continually submits himself to being Not Helped.
Yes, expose this stuff. But seek a real cure for what ails ya.

I'm still in awe of Bishop Hanson (Lutheran church) telling it like it is in a "It Gets Better" video.
Unfortunately, the grand poobahs of the Catholic church are allergic to blunt statements.

Coop said...

Rad Joe, I slightly disagree with you.
We are created in GOD's image; but only he is totally perfect.

JustinO'Shea said...

But. . .the Grand Pubahs DO tell it like they THINK it is. . . .very clearly. . NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO/

How clearer do you want? LOL

Oh. . I get it now. . .you want them to change their song n dance. . .hell man, they only know one. . .LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPSTA. . .re: your response to RAD JOE. . . .you sure you weren't Jesuit-trained. .? . . .Ooooooo the precision in that one. . .hahahaaaa

Coop said...

I'm talking about the delivery of the message, Justin ;-)

Bishop Hanson is clear and plain in that video. The Catholic poobahs can be a bit dense... tedious... in their verbiage. Off-putting to someone in need of spiritual guidance.
Don't you agree?

JustinO'Shea said...

Of course I agree with you. . . .lool

Geez, you didnt see the rad humor and cynicism in my reply to yours???

The RC Bishops of the USA DO speak out loud and clear about gays and gay stuff. They say NO No No NO No NO NO NO.. . . .. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
They say BAD BAD BAD over snd over.
They say OBJECTIVELY DISORDERED again and again.


Coop said...

Of course I got the humor, Justin.

The message that GLBT people are God's creation and worthy as People should be shouted loudly; but it's not. That may save someone's Life.
Instead the poobahs hurt people by harping on the sins and such.

I think a lot of Queers get "hung up" *giggles* over the Catholic Poohbah's misunderstanding of sexuality.

Coops, O.S.B. Layman.

Gary Kelly said...

What I fail to understand is why sex between consenting adults is anybody's business but their own.

JustinO'Shea said...

WHat do you mean, Gary. . . ? WHat does your statement have to do with the investigative study of stunted mental health purveyors and their "curing of queers"? ;-))

The study was not about sex between consenting adults. . . ..was it?

Anonymous said...

Ive always known I am gay. Right from a very VERY young age. It's not something I "decided" to be. From my own inner knowledge of who I am - I know I didnt make a choice I had a relatively happy childhood with supportive parents.

Yet the Church tells me I made a choice and I am evil for it because God made me in his image.

If he made me then he made me as I am - gay.

so ...

1) God doesnt exist or
2) hes an evil bastard or
3) the church is very very wrong.

JustinO'Shea said...

On this issue I choose #3 from your listing. . . .

Alastair said...

Gary, while it goes deeply against the grain, to be fair to the woman, it is necessary to give God permission to interfere in our lives. He promised us free will and won't go back on the promise unless asked. That, at least, is the position of traditional Christian orthodoxy - you may or may not accept that it has any basis in reality.

What worries me is that anyone can just set themselves up as a therapist without any qualification at all. Surely there has to be some legal definition of the word as there is for, say, a doctor or a vet. This woman ought not to be allowed to offer anything that can be misconstrued as genuine scientific counselling unless she can demonstrate proper qualifications and the backing of her peers via membership of a professional body.

In more positive news, the Church of Scotland decided last week to take a tentative step towards recognising the call to ministry of folk in same-sex relationships. It'll be at least two years before anything happens, but already the traditionalists are weeping and wailing and threatening to leave. One of the most compelling speakers at the church's General Assembly was a minister who'd grown up in South Africa and who had become tired of hearing ministers justifying apartheid from the Bible. He said he'd moved to Scotland to be away from discrimination and wanted the Church of Scotland to turn its back on it too.

JustinO'Shea said...

Well said, Alastair. . .on all points. I agree with you. If one is engaging in any type of psycho-spiritual ministry/counseling --as I think "reparative therapy ought to be classified --- whether you and I agree with this approach or not, the practitioner ought to be grounded in, rooted in some professional body whether scientific, medical, religious, etc. There ought not be free lancers. . . .too much damage can be done to the client/patient.

There are legal attempts to control somewhat the parameters of the profession. . ..but in the privacy of her/his own 'brown wrapper" one can be as 'innovative' as the traffic will allow. Pity.

Btw, I like your Scots minister from SoAfrica speaking out to the Church of Scotland. Unfortunately it seems there are too many possible punitive damages in the RCC -and other Churches too - and so this free talk is prevented -- out of fear. Imagine!? So much for the freedom of the children of God!

And, GARY, I AM minding my spellings! LOL

Gary Kelly said...

I may have mentioned this before, but I used to live opposite a therapist. I can't remember what kind of therapy she was involved in... maybe massage or something... but her shingle was painted on the front fence, and divided by a post so that 'therapist' read 'the rapist'. Funny she never noticed that. Or maybe she gave pretty lively massages.

As to free will, I often wonder about just how free it really is. When you come to a fork in the road, you can only choose one. You can't choose both.

Gary Kelly said...

By the way, my mother was left handed but at school she was forced to write right handed. I'm also a lefty, but by the time I went to school, the authorities had decided that if you were naturally left handed, then it was okay to remain so.

Now all we gotta do is convince the homophobes to think the same way about being gay or straight.

JustinO'Shea said...

Ooohhhh that is funny. . . .the rapist. . . .ho ho ho

JustinO'Shea said...

You are in excellent company. . .. I am left-handed also. . . .ho ho ho
Very 'sinister'. . . .
Cheeky much? hahaa


Coop said...

I believe, boys, the proper term is
" southpaw " :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Proper term???
How provincial!

rob02190 said...

The Inquisition didn't work either.