Friday, May 20, 2011

NEWS. . . ..glorious news. . . .;-)

Did The Rapture happen yet?  Or did I miss it by going to bed early? Well I am UP early, having just posted some roaming thoughts inspired by Greg's last post. . .under "All dressed up. . . ."  LOL

Now I want to share some news with all of you. . ..since several have asked. . .about my future.  So I graduated last weekend and all my VIPs were here with me. And I have my degree. . Master of Science in Psychology.  ;-)

All this Spring there have been several 'irons in the fire', much dialog and negotiations, talking and pondering.  So now here it is. . 

I've decided not to accept the offer from the university. . .. as offered.  Were I to accept it I can see myself getting totally engrossed in the adjunct prof thing  and the new therapeutic counseling outreach. . . ..and maybe never quite get around to starting the doctoral program.  I'd like very much the life-style I'd arrange for myself. . . .

So. . .I made a counter-proposal to the dean and psych department. . . ..and Gary calls me Cheeky Kid. . .LOL. . .imagine that. . .MOI????  hahhaaa  Why not?  It's my life.

I am assured admission to the doctoral program  when I want it.  My mentor had told me that at the awarding of degrees I would be awarded A GRANT for "...excellence in academic achievement and service to the academic community". . .[and I was! lol] . .which will greatly and substantially  take care of a good share of tuition.   They are putting a lot of encouragement in my life, having 'recruited' me for the Masters program while an undergrad and given me a large grant at graduation to enable my being in the program as grad-student.   They "want" me at the University.  I am extremely grateful and my feet are quite well planted in terra firma.

So this is my offer as I enter the doctoral program.  I've taught two years with stipend during my grad work.  There will be on-hands work requirements in the doctoral schedule.  So I propose to teach one section each term of the IntroPsych I've been teaching.  This will help them out in class loads this coming year.

Then i suggested I work part-time as intern in the new therapeutic outreach/counseling program my mentor is heading up. We get along very well. . . .and wants me as part of the clinic. [My counter proposal was encouraged by him; he helped me.  lol ]

I think this would be very exciting and fun.   In a real sense I am getting my cake and eating it "as nourishment along the way". . . .hahahaa

SO, Duuudes and a few Duuudettes, what ya thinka them apples?  lol

AND there is more.  Peter and I have been talking about this for some time now.  Peter doesn't want to spend the rest of his life as a baker-fisherman.  He will return to school late August!!  Aint that something!!!!  hahaha. . .so sweet.  He has two years finished and will enter in the Fall as a junior, with credits transferred and accepted. . . .ready for this?????  At the same university as I am at.  How sweet it is. . . . .like the olde Methodist, or somebody's, hymn  "I say, What Could My Jaaaayzzzzus Do More?". . . . . .nada!  There is a new program, part of the college of medicine,  "Medical Assistants" where they study./ learn to do a lot of the medical procedures as part of the medical/surgical team in a practice.  Similar to and different from the nurse practitioner.

AND there is more. . . . hehe
My dear sweet French grandmere has invited Peter to join us, living at her home during our student years. . . .She enjoys Peter very much and says she loves "having her boys at home". . .and sings "It's so good to have my men around the house. . . "  hahahaaa  She loves to cook and it is good for her to have us there. . .she remains very active, eats much better when she is cooking for us  too and not just for herself. . . She enjoys life and fun. . . .and likes young people.  Mme Bouvier is not known for retiring to bed at 8 o'clock. . . . and living on the outskirts of town she feels safer have me/us there.

The part of the house where I live is "apart", separate from and connected to her home. . . .so we both have privacy now and company too.  In my part there are two large bedrooms, plus large bathroom, and a small den. . . the sleeping arrangement is up to us. . . .she knows we share the same bed when Peter comes to visit. . (."and why wouldn't you. . . ?." she grins. . .)
So we can have our space too and be together when we want.

So, mes BelAmis, there you have the news. . . .it all "just fell into place". . .as it were. . . . .with both of us planing and doing the leg work and groundwork.  During the breaks and weeks home we'd talk and dream, plan and yepper, even scheme how all this could/can happen.   After two years of a relationship partially long distance commuting, we wanted something better, more regular and normal.

AInt life grand ?  hahahahaa

    j u s t i n


Richard said...


My heartiest congratulations!! This sounds like a really sweet deal all the way around.

Gary Kelly said...

Nothing is perfect, but I reckon that comes pretty close.


Your life is blessed, JustinO, and just in case you're wondering, it wasn't my doing.

Now I'll have to think twice before telling you to go to your room because Peter might be in there.

Coop said...

I read that the rapture will happen at 6PM in each time zone. We'll see it coming.
Waiiit a minute... The bible did not mention time zones, did it?? ;-)

J said...

I can't imagine a more splendid situation for all of you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Jim said...

Congratulations Justin! All the hard work is paying off tenfold!


Justin, you and Peter must be beyond a happy, and very contented.
You Graduating, and Congratulations
having worked so Hard. Happiness
and much Love to Both of You. Life
goes to Fast to look back, but you
have such a terrific Sense of Life,
and Humor. Your Love for Others is
so Awesome!!! The Best of Everything to you Justin and Peter!!!

Gary Kelly said...

BTW, does that mean you have letters after your name now?

jimm said...

The Rapture? An eerie fog set up out over the big lake today. It's been sitting there all day. And now it is creeping inland. Eeeee!

Anyhow, nothing jus 'fell into place' for you guys. You both worked hard to get where you are going. Congratulations!

What impresses me most is that you have both chosen fields where you can help people.

JustinO'Shea said...

hahaaa. . .i suppose for formal stuff like publishing, university forms and program stuff. . .I hadn't thought about that. . .hahahaa

Justin K. O'Shea, MS.Psych..[MsPsych]
There is little diff between MS and MA. . just some emphasis. My courses had heavy emphasis on clinical counselling. ..and less on testing of abilities etc.

Thanks for asking, , , ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, JIMM, we did work at it. . .;-)
We've talked about our work and what we want out of it. . . and after knowing we will have enough money to pay our living expenses, etc, we both feel that out work must be in the serving/helping others. . .if we care going to continue growing into loving men the 'circle' must be broader than the two of us and that the circle must stay open and mobile.

By using our abilities in serving/helping others we /they will grow. . .as we keep on giving our capacities will expand and we will have more to give. . and the mutuality of loving will be life/growth producing. . .

A line from the old Broadway show HELLO DOLLY. . .which school drama dept have done over and over, goes like this. Mrs Dolly Gallagher Levi stands center stage, philosophizing: "Money, if you will pardon the expression, is like manure. It is good for nothing unless you spread it around and make little things grow. . " LOL

That's kinda how we see loving. . you gotta spread it around. . .it will always come back. . just keep on giving. . . .don't worry, you'll get what you need. . .;-)

Thanks, JIMM, for asking/ comments.
~~ justin

GreginAdelaide said...

Hey Justin, I had a quick hurried glance at your blog this morning but with the demands of house guests (gone now) I did not acth all of it...especially this bit.

Great news indeed. I've long worried about how you and Peter will cope with your future...of course I (we) had no idea of Peter's leanings etc. (Unless I missed something, which would not be the first time..ha!)

I am no longer worried how your currently very different lives and locations would effect your life together, I was wondering which one of you would ahve to give up their way of life or current locations for you to be together.

It is brilliant news and well done too, my friend, well dine indeed.

May you both live long and prosper (chuckle)

Stew said...

When you're good, you're good. And you sir, are good. I think we've all said it before that you will do quite well in your work. And everything else in life gets easier and easier when you spread that love around the way that you do.

Congratulations on all of the foreposted. I'm proud to have made your acquaintance here in blog land.

JCinmeforever said...

Congratulations Justin!

(I've not made an entry in a while...but I'm always peeking at the blogs from time to time.)

I'm prayerfully thankful for all that you've given to this blog by way of sharing your life. It's encouraging to see God build your knowledge and give you the gift of helping and loving others. The stories you share and the insights to your faith, family, relationship is truly inspiring. I commend you on your Graduation! I see that your life is falling into place for the future, being there for your Grandmother, sharing your life with Peter and pushing forward to the Doctorate you seek. How wonderful! My prayers and thoughts are with you two young men as you walk in your faith being the best you can be.

Sincerely, JCinmeforever