Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From The Land DownUnder. . . .

Thanks, Brian, for this bit of "Haute couturier" a la Vaticana. . . . pity!  ;-)

    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia.

  I noted you mentioned the sacking of the Toowoomba bishop the other day.
  Thought you may be interested in the cartoon in the local paper - The Courier-Mail.

      One of the most dramatic and brilliant bits of engineering happened in your neck of the woods-
    Fessenden's first broadcast on Xmas eve 1906 from Brant Rock. Wonder how well this is remembered in your area?
    Just think of the field strength of this broadcast in your bedroom in Cape Cod. A very interesting place to live.

                Brian Magee 
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GreginAdelaide said...

First voice across the Atlantic in November 1906. Amazing story. Amazing men.

You can read more here:



Richard said...

Interesting stuff about Fessenden. Apparently an extremely talented man who never got the recognition in life which his talents deserved. On the other hand, Marconi is well commerated on Cape Cod and there is a Marconi museum in the Chatham area.

BTW, the link to the cartoon does not work.

Gary Kelly said...

The land downunder?

Which part of a tennis ball is the top?


JustinO'Shea said...

Tis all in the perspective, isn't it. .

So tell me. . is the cartoon now appearing on the message? I tried re-arranging things. . . .;-)


Richard said...

It appeared as a separate message.