Monday, May 16, 2011

A Coming- OUT Story

Owner of the Phoenix Suns says he is gay. . . well written story from the NYTimes. . . .



Rick Welts, may more than open the
doors wider for gays in sports. All of them, I think except Baseball.
It is such an American Sport,
that is more American than any other. I know what it feels like
to live 40yrs. in a shadow. No matter what opens up, there will
always be the stigma of the word,
to be "Gay". People I think will always attach us as Bad and Evil.
There is always hope, and that is
the Best thing we have going for us.

Coop said...

RadJoe, I think the "Bad and Evil" attachment to being Gay is waning. It's dying off... literally.
I (try) and be patient.

I sometimes shake by head at what some people think being Gay actually means. I only come out as "Gay" to other homosexual people. WE understand the nuances. WE understand the different expressions of sexuality/types of Gay people.

Coop said...

Rick Welts is a handsome man :)

JustinO'Shea said...

I like Ron Lemon. . .. ;-))