Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zach Wahls Speaks About Family (Video Interview) - On The Scene With Shira - CBS News

Hi Justin,   Here is a follow-up to the piece I sent you last week. It is an internet video interview with Zach Wahls on the reaction to his testimony in Iowa during the public forum against House Resolution 6 which would end civil unions between same sex couples. What is interesting is his unshaken belief in your generation to "do the right thing." I too share a lot of that optimism, though only time will tell. Keep up the good work here. Whether people respond regularly or not they I believe they find that same sense of optimism in you that many are finding in Zach.    Thanks   Patrick

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Gary Kelly said...

I agree with Patrick and Zach, that the current generation will "do the right thing". Maybe that's the reason generations change every 25 years. If it were any longer, it would slow the evolutionary process of enlightenment.

By the same token, it's wise to remember that each generation stands on the shoulders of the previous.