Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jason and deMarco Cruise. . . . .



Coop said...

I doubt I'd have fun on one of Ginormous Celebrity/Norweign/ Carnival cruise things. Jason and deMarco aren't enough to get me to spend 7 days on one.
They seem like floating bus tours. Don't leave the bubble.

I'm a beachy/ island boy :p

I've never listened to J and deM anyway ;-) I will reform my life. Amen.

Yours Truly,

Heavily scheduled Coop

JustinO'Shea said...

WELL, Boy-Friend, paaadon-moi. ..LOL'laaa dee daaaaah. . . .

Typical Boston: we are the epicenter of culture and life. . . .epitomized in the era of the Brahmins of Beacon Hill. . .from ancient history. . .aka a few years back. . ." The Cabots speak to the Lodges and the Lodges speak only to God. . ." haardy ha ha haaaa

Cape Codders are only a couple degrees removed from Boston, just with a somewhat salty flair. . . (lick ''ll taste it. . )

This Codder on the Mainland gets slighty light-headed with the first smells of Spring. . . nostril flaring in the breezes. .

so, please, pardon my meanderings!

I need to re-connect so I am going "back to the Sea" as soon as I can
get out of here for my long weekend home, home on the Dunes. .

Hallelujah. . .hallelujahhhhhhhhh

balmy JustinO

Stew said...

I've found that each trip is what you make it. I cruised last year as a caretaker for my elderly parents. Saw everyone else having fun on the floating resort of non-stop partying, all you can eat bus tour and I'm looking forward to actually participating in the fun this time.
The ship will be about 20%gay with private partys for those in the group.
We're doing a little pre-partying in New Orleans as well.
Your company will be missed, Mr. O'Shea. Perhaps we'll see you round the Cape someday. Until then....

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, STEW, now that you have talked about yoour up-coming cruise, THANK YOU for the invitation. That sounds like a lot of fun. . .which I feel sure you'll enjoy immensely. . .especially after last year's loving sacrifice-of-fun to attend to your aging parents. Greater love. . . and you were laying aside your life, your preferences to care for them. Great love! Hats off to you. . ;-)

I feel sure Peter would really enjoy being on a ship where he didn't have to catch, produce, capture anything!! (except me. )hahahaa

One of these days. . . . ;-)


JCinmeforever said...

Justin, and all who read here, Jason and deMarco have been an incredible influence in my life as a Christian man, who happens to be gay. I found a link to this blog through them. The following is my words written to Jason and deMarco and their meaning to me:

I've been a Christian since I was 10yrs old. Other than Baptism in High School, I have never been so moved in my faith as I was while watching "We're all Angels" for the first time on 06-06-10. I must say, Jason and deMarco's dedication to music ministry worked in my heart that night! The Lord must have known to have me run across the broadcast on "logo". Their story overwhelmed me with emotion and brought me to tears. Having been repressed from the 'church' for most of my adult life, I never would have put together my faith and being gay. I have been moved and inspired by Jason and deMarco to seek understanding in my life's journey. I sought to find out more about these two servants of the Lord. I found and joined "Angels Club" web site. It became an oasis, a connection for me and for those who are hurting, healing and thirsty in their own Christian walk. The folks on this site are loving and encouraging, both gay and straight to minister to one another.
A male couple, encouraged me to see Jason and deMarco in concert. "'s worth the effort." Wow! They were not kidding. On 06-13-10, while on their LA trip 2010, Jason and deMarco were performing in North Hollywood, Ca.
I honestly struggled with wanted to go see them in person. I'm not real good at traveling outside of my comfort zone to areas of this big mecca of LA that I've not been to before. Through encouragement I received by my fellow Angel Club members, I prayed for the Lord to guide me and squelch my paranoia, He did! I experienced a wonderful live performance. Afterward, Jason and deMarco were so cordial and kind in conversation, like we were the only one's in the room. Their attentiveness and sensitivity to listen and respond with sincerity is endearing. Jason said, "check out "Spirit Pop" and read 'reconciled essay', I just feel the need to share that with you." I returned home with a strong desire to do as Jason suggested, and I found many resources there to help me understand.
Though, deep in my heart I've always know since I was 10, that Jesus loves me, I found in Jason's reconciliation essay, that Jesus doesn't only love me...He loves me even if I'm gay! I've come to find a renewal in my walk with Jesus, my life's journey and a path of reconciliation. I've found a strength in growing daily with my devotional quiet times, my prayer for others and guidance in my life. Through this reconciliation process the Holy Spirit enlightens me to new and different areas to surrender completely to Him. I'm being lead to find an affirming body of believers to interact, love and grow with. I'm feeling strongly to commit to prayer for the Lord to lead me to the one person He may have me to be with as a life partner in a committed monogamous relationship.
So, If not for Jason and deMarco, Where would I be? I think its clear to me, it would not be here! Thank you Lord for using Jason and deMarco in my life...Thank you Jason and deMarco for "Being the Light!", because you were the ONLY light (through Him) that shined that night as I watched you on 'logo'.

So, If any here have any question of how one can be gay and christian, I think Jason and deMarco and Justin O'shea and Peter are some real examples of, Yes it can be!

In His Greatness and Glory forever, JCinmeforever