Thursday, February 10, 2011


This link takes you to a report of a study done in USA, AUSTARLIA, EUROPE about the effect of microwaving CELL PHONES on the number and motility of sperm in men who use them.

If they are frying my gonads, what else are these buggers doing to the rest of my body.   Years ago I swore I'd never use a cell phone because of the "tumors they'd cause in the brain". . . . .we all heard that report.  Then it became virtually impossible to live without one.

And what about pc/laptops. . . .?  Sitting right in place for direct radiation.  If I can feel the heat of the laptop on my legs/thighs. . . .tell me what else it is doing?  Zapping my swimmers????   Yeeeeoooooowwwww!
Can I live without my computer. . . . . . .?

Now, my own personal emotional reaction from a long time ago:  IF I am sterile, [or living with mutant and crippled sperm, ]  I do not want to know about  it!   One needs to rethink the use of these buggers!!~!



Jim said...

Time will tell! Maybe by then there will be something to counteract the bad effects of microwaves.

Anonymous said...

You nutcake Justin, you light up my day, don't ever stop, even if the little fellas do.

Greg in Adelaide

Gary Kelly said...

When you're my age...

Have I done this before?

Anyway, when you're my age it doesn't matter whether they're fried, boiled or poached.

JustinO'Shea said...

BUT. . .maybe. .. but. . .many of us are young. . .AND it has nothing to do with old age, or any age. . .it is a matter of HEALTH. . . obviously somethis is seriously wrong. . . I think you see this.

Coop said...

Of course you can't live without your computer, Justi. Why not do what I do and only use it on tables, etc. etc.
Take it off your lap.
Keep the cell phone off when it's in your hip pocket.

Whoa Did I just type that?
I'm surrounded by Irish mothers. Can't ya tell?

Coop said...

I rarely have my phone on AND in my hip pocket.
My wallet tends to push buttons.
I never accidentally managed to call China. Thank God.

You're what... 22, Justino? Change your habits and don't panic :p

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, COOPSTA. . . turn off my cell phone. Hmmm

Why do I have a cell phone? So I can call someone when I want to.
AND so others can contact me when they want to. . . I do not pass my phone number to the WholeWideWorld!
Just family and a few close friends.

If I turn my phone OFF it serves only one half of the reason for having one. ;-))) Plus, when I am at university it is my only contact with "the real world". . LOL

Maybe I ought to just throw it into Cape Cod Bay? hahaaaaaa

Back atcha, DougieBabes. ;-)


Coop said...

I said to keep it off ONLY when it's in your hip pocket, silly :p
Besides it's rude to have it on constantly.

Greg's right. You light up my day too.

JustinO'Shea said...

OH YOU BOSTON IRISH. . . .lace curtain crowd!!! Sheeeesssshhhhh.
RUDE to leave my phone on 'constantly'?????

RUDE to whom? Who says so? It's MY f'in phone! It's the lace curtain Irish types who gave the Church its guilt trips!! RUDE to leave my phone on???
Is that mortal or venial sin? [I always go the the 'authors' for the odd opinion. . .then to theologians for the truth! Then I do as my conscience tells me.]

ho ho ho

st. justin of the cape

Coop said...

Justin Hon, Y' don't want the thing ringing in church... or while you're teaching. etc. etc.
I know Mrs O'Shea raised you well ;-)

Wanna know the truth. I usually leave mine on and in a pocket of my jacket or bag or something... but I turn off the ringer.

jimm said...

There's always your man-purse...

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . . .hmmm. . .that's an idea, Don't have one.
What is yours like? Any suggestions?



JustinO'Shea said...

Well, of course, COOPSTA, there are times when i turn it off. . .when appropriate. . .duuuuh.

slap on the butt. . . .Ooopppss. . . .

JCinmeforever said...

...I'm Gay, what do I need 'Swimmers' for...?

Wait, don't answer that.

Smiles, JCinmefoever