Friday, February 25, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Gay Marriage Reversal - Washington Whispers (

Looks like Ole Newt is back seeking limelight . . [whatever that]

Ah, the threat of government shutdowns and impeachment hearings.  Newt really is back



Looked up past life of Newt, and
found more than I thought. While
wife was in the hospital awaiting on surgery for cancer, Newt was
serving her with divorce papers.
Then she had to go after him to pay the bills
He married again, and 2nd
wife and him are separated. He has
been a women chaser all his life.
He dodged the draft for the Vietnam
war. These are the facts I found
on Google. I didn't know all
these facts, and there are still more. There doesn't seem to be anyone GOOD LEFT. Maybe Scott from your state might be, but I
don't know anymore who is!!

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper. . . .your Scott, as in Gov. of Florida, is a blooming multibillionaire idiot!!! Look what he is doing, setting himself up as dictator, hardly one month in office.

"They" are popping out of the wookworks all over! ;-) And that arrogant young s.o.b. governor of Wisconsin is a friggin' dictator. . . who lies and lies and lies. . . .

;-)) justin ;-))