Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night

Someone commented "All you guys do is eat!"  hahahaa. . .well, true, but there  are some other things too.  ;-)

Dinner with the DaSilvas is always fun!  And the food is so good. Main dish was multi-colored crinkly pasta, with red peppers julienne, lots of sliced porta bella mushrooms, small chunks of chicken, strips of thinly sliced ham cooked with rosemary, green peas,. . .hmm....what else?  oh yeah, alfredo sauce poured over it all, sprinkled pieces of fresh sage  black pepper, topped with a blend of 4 cheeses, grated . . . .Mama mia, that was very nice!. . . with a huge pitcher of red Portuguese wine. . .to wash it down.

There were 10-12 of us all around the huge table. . . lot of talk and banted, laughter,fun times.

Peter came home with me tonight. . ..since he  is not out fishing these days.  We've watched CSI-Miami and Horatio and The Boys...all being dedicatedly cool. . .Just wanted to send you all a quick note and Good Night. . . I'll head out to school around noon .

Later. . . .;-)
  Justin & Peter 


Gary Kelly said...

It's a good thing Adam and Eve are not still around to read that, JustinO. All they got was a boring old apple.

Jim said...

OK! You can STOP anytime describing the meal!!! Sounds great!!!
Have a good trip back to the grind.

JustinO'Shea said...

OK. . . done. ANd poor Adam & Eve. . they had it all and blew it for a bloody apple?!! SSheeesssshhhhh.
dumb. . .