Friday, February 25, 2011

Political News Trivia ;-)

For the first time ever, the social secretary for the President is an openly gay MAN !  Way to go, Mr Obama. . .. ;-)


Jim said...

Told ya! It's just a matter of time! Got to start listenin' to your elders!! lol

JustinO'Shea said...

Always listen to my elders. . .lol...s'why i have a blog. . .lol

J said...

Celebrating over a social secretary? Sumner Wells filed the State Department with gays and served as undersecretary in the Franklin Roosevelt administration. They just weren't out of the closet back then. If you want to celebrate, wait until they appoint the first openly gay person to be secretary of defense.

JustinO'Shea said...

Celebrating? I didn't think the heading TRIVIA . . . .forget it. I see you are in your put-down corrective mode. . . .which little becomes you. I forget often you are GOP and therefore agin, by design and plan, everything the President does.

I make my own "parties", thank-you-very-much. ho ho ho

Gary Kelly said...

I never listen to my elders. I haven't got any.

Anonymous said...

Grumpitude is something I've avoided.

Not by design, by more by disposition I guess.

I'm a naturally upbeat individual, usually looking for...... no, not actively looking for, seeing, yes that's better, I see the good in things without looking for it. Just comes naturally.

I guess it was my ubringing, I had naturally positive parents. Even when things were tough, and they sure were from time to time, they usually found something about the situation to laugh about and moved on. It rubbed off.

Lucky I guess.

Greg in sunny 30C summer happy Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Sorry Juston,I was off subject, again. you guys were talking more about attitude so I just joined in.

Yes, slowly, ever so slowly, the people of this world are making progress to more liberal attitudes and freedom. Just look at the goings on in Egypt etc...... they've got some way to go for sure...but so have we in this supposedly free western society.

Equality, tolerance etc still have a long way to go, but the signs, like this one you've drawn attention to, are there and that gives us some hope that the progress is continuing, lets hope it isn't one of those dead end trails that history is littered with.

In history there have been occasions, places and societies, little pockets of liberalism where the attitude to gays was far better than it is now, in general.

Often these were dead ends as society has moved and changed, but they keep cropping up and slowly, ever so slowly, keep repeating, perhaps becoming more frequent, and growing?

How many more centuries will it be before there is no difference between female-male, male-male and fmale-female pairings?
It won't be next week.

Greg, optimisitic in Adelaide

Coop said...

My thought upon hearing the news was "what's the big deal??" :p

Would a straight man do a fabulous job of being the President's social secretary?

JustinO'Shea said...

I dont know about a str8 man doing a FABULOUS job as social secretary, but he could do the job. . . .I'm sure. LOL

Also, you did notice I captioned the comment with the word TRIVIA? ;-)