Friday, February 18, 2011

Standing in Love / To Love Somebody. . . ..nina simone

There have been some great comments shared, observations, etc. Thank you all. . . .and please, don't stop.  ;-)
Here is one sent via email. . ..good stuff here too. . . Since I couldn't just "click it on", here you are . . .for your reading pleasure. . .and listen too. . . ;-)

Your recent comments brought me to focus on two things: "To love somebody is to discover and complete oneself in someone other than oneself. " This is the substance of your argument.  The unbalanced part of your request for comments is, you never wrote down the question or questions you were asked.  You can fake your way through many a bluebook essay just by focusing on the question, as you already know.
Second, most people are moved by a love object, and then want to know how they might win and own the object of their love.  What if you take yourself as subject, and approach the other as subject.  Ah, sweet burn!
A friend of mine was so geared to being treated as an object, or a function, if you will, that he became astonished, on vacation, when he was first treated as a person, by people whose silent demand was also rooted in a respect for their own personhood. eg: before I sell you this here ice cream cone, you best say good morning and ask about my health.
Justin, it is such a long apprenticeship, learning to love.
You also reminded me of the song, To Love Somebody.  Give a listen to Nina Simone for that one.
Have a sterling and sunny day,

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