Thursday, February 3, 2011

pro Marriage Equality

This video speech before the Iowa State Legislature is strong witness to basic realities ignored by the greater part of our society.  I think, too, this ties in with yesterday's post "Gay? Whatever, duude. . ." and my request for some shared reaction.  It would be very helpful for me in my work to hear from some real,live,loving gay people.  Do you qualify?  ;-)    Thanks.
                                                       JustinO com/watch? v=FSQQK2Vuf9Q& feature=player_ embedded


Jim said...

I guess I qualify so here goes: Zach Wahls was a perfect person to address this committee. He was articulate, spontaneous, knew what he wanted to get across to his audience, a 'ordinary Joe' in the best way possible and he was compassionate.
Justin, what I like best of this is that you are putting this out there for ALL to hear and see. This is the only way that the general public will learn that there is nothing to fear about 'same-sex' marriage....their 'rights' will not be affected or infringed upon.
The more that is heard and seen from 'ordinary' citizens/individuals, and I must say 'straight' ones have more of an impact I feel than we, the converted, the more readily the general population will accept this 'new' phenomenon.
This is precisely why my husband, Ron, and I got married. ...not because we actually 'needed' to for ourselves, but to help 'the cause' along and make this whole concept of 'same-sex' marriage part of the vernacular.

Jim said...

Oh yes, I am 'borrowing' this one to Justin......for the 'cause'!

Stew said...

When Canada bagan marrying gay couples, we were one of the first Americans to be there. Many told us that it didn't matter if it wasn't legal where we live. But that's simply not true.
We are a committed loving couple that wanted to make a statement about our love. Having made that statement, it has meant a lot too us over the years through the ups and downs.
We were also informed that the Canadian government is keeping record of all American marriages that they perform and when the time is right, the numbers will be released for evidence in our fight for equality. I am confident that in my lifetime, my marriage will be recognized where I live. Even my parents that are in their 80's have changed their minds. It's only a matter of time.
As more people like Zach Wahls come forward and as more and more people realize that we are all around them, more minds will change. It's going to snowball very soon.