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Posted: 28 Apr 2011 06:08 AM PDT
“Trump is sending the message to the 1 million gay couples who are raising approximately 2 million kids in the United States that they shouldn’t be treated equally,”
Rosie O’Donnell will not be staying at the Trump Chicago hotel while she tapes her new talk show for the Oprah Winfrey Network, a rep for O’Donnell told The Advocate on Tuesday.
Last week, O’Donnell mentioned on a radio show that she was going to stay at the Trump property while looking at real estate options.
But that was before the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) called for a boycott of all of Trump’s businesses because of his position against LGBT rights.

Rosie Dumps Trump After GLAAD Calls For Boycott Against Trump’s Businesses
“Rosie O’Donnell has sent an important message to the majority of Americans — gay and straight — who don’t agree with Donald Trump’s statements against marriage equality for all loving and committed couples,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios.
“Fair-minded people should think twice about supporting a businessman who courts our dollars but advocates denying gay and lesbian couples protections that all families need to take care of each other.”
GLAAD has launched the “Tune Out Trump” campaign, calling on the LGBT community and its allies to boycott his his television shows, hotels, resorts, and golf courses.
“Trump is sending the message to the 1 million gay couples who are raising approximately 2 million kids in the United States that they shouldn’t be treated equally,” said GLAAD.
“He wants their viewership for his shows and their money at his properties — gay and lesbian travelers spend an estimated $17 billion a year for tourism — but Trump doesn’t want to allow them the same dignity and respect as all loving couples and families. This is both an unfair and unwise business practice.”

In an interview with the the Des Moines Register in March, Trump was asked his position on marriage and civil benefits for gays. “As of this moment, I would say no and no,” he replied.
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Coop said...

I don't think a Republican president is ready to support equal marriage. If anything he will leave it up to the states. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if the candidates endorse some GLBT rights as time goes on.

I don't understand these cults of personality that surround the President, his Republican challengers and conservative talking heads. I refuse to take the meds, that's why.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh ! oh !
Did I drink the coolaid???


J said...

I have absolutely no use for either Rosie or The Donald. Both are vulgar,loud-mouth harridans. The mere thought that some Republicans would welcome a Trump candidacy makes my head spin. He has more skeletons in his closet than Joe Stalin.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oooooooooooohhh... J, you say such nice things! lol [kidding, of course!)
I wonder about his skeletons. . . I would not trust that man. . .hmm...even in psycho-therapy! He seems to have no conscience: "Whatever Frump-Trump Dork wants he makes happens. . .no matter what. . ."

GreginAdelaide said...

Would Trump's skeletons still have massive comb-overs attached?

I've always wondered if he has to get FAA clearance when he stands out in strong winds.

jimm said...

Grump... maybe time to cut back on the viagra???!!!

GreginAdelaide said...

Not new news, but some interesting reading here:

We, here in OZ, at the moment, seem to have just typical conservative politicians, (no radical comb-overs!) at least as far as social reform is concerned.

Of course they have both eyes on the vote and are always treacle-slow to move even with the majority on such a subject when the minority are potentially vocal and vote-damaging.

Our leader, Julia, won't be rocking the boat, her hold on the rudder is too tenuous.
She's far too politically smart to make a sharp turn when the benefits are so small (to her)

Pity, I kinda have a sneaking liking for her.... as a person even.
But not "that" way, Oh no!
Gimme a sensual male any day!

J said...

Everything good in Trump's life is attributable to his father, a very good developer who kept a low profile. His son has the reputation of sweet-talking promising young subcontractors into working on his projects; he thens eats them alive by using his financial clout to muscle them into overextending themselves into doing more than they were required, on threat of litigation. Donald Trunp is the big fish that eats the next smallest fish in the stream. He is cheap, morally bankrupt, and without any redeeming attribute other than his ability to entertain a reality show audience. In fairness to him, if anyone is so stupid as to fall for the notion that the Trump name is synonymous with the the apogee of "class and sophistication", then that person probably deserves to be scalped.

Gary Kelly said...

Why am I getting the impression that supporters of the GLBT community are entitled to their opinion but critics like Donald Trump are not?

Same old story. Us and them.

Don't mind me. I'm just watching the show and throwing a few spanners around.

JustinO'Shea said...

So, GARY, you think we gays have been pushed into being the "thems" in their society? Like. . the more of us who try to slip/sneak/escape the Velvet Closet (or denin, or batik, or silk, etc..take yor pick,,) the more we come OUT the more we are pushed into being "thems" who are 'threatening' the "USes" by being open blights and danger to society. . like, I mean, after all. . .we just want to be treated by thems as 'equal'.

We want those who are in charge. . .like Comb-over Trumps "wants" to be to acknowlege and support us as every other part of society is treated, etc.

But wait! No we do not want to be treated like everyone else "in the lower eschelons of our society" aka treated like shit!

US and THEMS is a political, financial, sociological reality. . .
right? Not our our creation. . .? Right?


J said...

Hey, Justin, your last post is perhaps the most incoherent I've ever read from you. Have you been drinking more of the postprandial wine than I have?
I say let's get out of the Trump waste can and concentrate on what a hunk Prince Harry is. And wasn't the wedding beautiful?

Coop said...

Justin, The editors want me to tell you that the "comb over Trump" sentence took about six tries to de-code.
Aaaaaanyway the problem is that being "Gay" "Transgender", etc. overshadows every other attribute.
Don't ask me why.

I'm pawing at an "us" versus "them" analogy involving motorcycles. Kawasaki comes to mind.

Coop said...

Here, Greg, if you criticize ANY POINT on the conservative agenda you're automatically a socialist radical. On the other side . . . Certain people in this country can't tolerate the President because of his skin color.
That's an unfortunate truth.
Some vicious people, however, believe that ANY criticism of his ideas or decisions has racist underpinnings.

I think these rules are devised by people trapped in ivory towers at either end of the political spectrum. Regretfully, they find followers.
I'm either perpetually depressed and moody when it comes to politics or I have attained a state of Nirvana.

Gary Kelly said...

No, no, no, JustinO. We are all us's no matter which side of the fence we're on.

It's like the two blondes standing on opposite banks of a river. One yells to the other, "How did you get over there?" And the other yells, "You're the one who's over there. I'm over here!

Anyway, my question is, if GLBT is entitled to a point of view, are not the Trumps of this world also entitled to theirs?

JustinO'Shea said...

Cool. . .out of the TrumpDump. . . So you like that hunky Harry, eh. . .looks michievous. . .like always ready to raise hell. . . ;-)

OKies. . .but no to the postprandials.
I do not imbibe. . I am to alcohol. . .one is never enough and one is too many. ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

SO, COOPsta. . .motorcycles, eh. . .be fun riding the back roads of New England. . . Kawasaki is real tuff. . hot n hunky too. LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

But of course, Gary. . .the Trumpsters can have and even express a point of view. . .but not as resident of the White House and the Oval Office. That's all. . .


Jim said...

I've always admired Rosie's raw spunk and 'tell ya like it is' attitude. She kind of has the effect of 'flushing away' all the bullshit that permeates the airways!
As for Mr.Trump.....see what greed and exploitation of others will turn you into?

JustinO'Shea said...

Good way to say it, JIM. . .how can he be "balanced"?
<< As for Mr.Trump.....see what greed and exploitation of others will turn you into? >>

I have the hope. . .is that it?. . that Trump is really joking and jerking us around. . his usual style and he'll call it all a bluff. . or something. Scary thing. . he has followers! Yikes!

Gary Kelly said...

I agree with J. Prince Harry is better looking than Trump. Come to think of it, Prince Harry is better looking than Rosie as well.

I think I might search the garden for a frog and see what happens when I kiss it. You never know your luck.

JustinO'Shea said...

Aaahaaa. . .the Faerie Tales. . frogs, kisses, Princes. . .or a Precious Princess. . . . .yo ho ho

Good luck, muchacho !

GreginAdelaide said...

Hey Coop, I have to say that when I see someone (something!) like Trump it scares me.

It scares me because I can see that the popularity of, and support for people(!) like Trump means that there are a number of other like-minded bigots out there!

How many, I wonder. Far too many for me.

Could someone like Trump EVER become President?
Are there really that many bigoted and small minded people out there? Do I have to reassess my understanding of people, of the American people?

I hope not, I hope he is just one of a very vocal minority....but I do wonder...and it makes me uneasy.

Sure, this little 'family', this gathering of bloggers here in Justin's kitchen might be considered to be a mob of misfits, outsiders, undesirables etc by all "normal" people, but I'd put my life in their Presidential hands any day, over Mr Grump.

Sure, I'm used to feeling I am one of a minority, a gay minority, but from time to time when I'm not feeling as positive as I usually do, people like Grump leave me with an uneasy many more are out I in another minority group as well? ... scary

And, Justin, don't ever become truly sober, I love your sometimes bubbly random erratic inspired cheeky insightful lightning-fast meanderings.

JustinO'Shea said...

hahahahaaaaa. . .GREG. . .ok. . .I realy do not want to change a lot either. More fun like this.

As for Mr Gump, Yahoo news has a dvd of him giving a speech to the 'rednecks' in Las Vegan. . .Yahoo calls it a "foul-mouth speech" using the F-word lavishly, and "motha fokah", etc Everytime he did the audience cheered loudly. . you could almost see the contempt on his face for everyone too. Despicable thing that he is.

His money makes him NOTHING! There is an expression in Old French . ."Honi soit qui mal y pense". ."One is the evil that he thinks. . " or "Let him be the evil that he thinks".

And, Greg, thanks for the compliment. ;-)

Coop said...

Hi Greg

I don't think you need to re-evaluate your opinion of the American people. Each voter has their favorite issues. Not everybody who vote for Frump opposes gay rights.
Up here, politicians and talking Heads like to create groups of "USezz" to combat "Themz" and create a frenzy.

Coop said...

Justin, may I assume you won't be supporting a Trump candidacy? ;-)

Coop said...

Justin, I'm glad you post the stuff said by Santorum and the Frump. It helps get the word out.

And Greg, I think your assessment of conservative politicians in Australia also applies to our conservatives.

Last comment for tonight :)

Coop said...

Henrietta Lange for President! Start the write-in campaign now.

Don't ya wish we could ;-)


Please Everyone, just take Trump's
face and put an old ladies dress
on him. Sorry, but it looks just
like he got off the Boat from a
Forgeign Country!!!