Saturday, April 16, 2011

This should keep things at a boiling point in Ca. In order to gauge its potential effectiveness, I would be interested in seeing what would be taught, and in what context it would be presented.

I agree.  This ought to create a great deal of brouhaha Hollywood style. . . .with all the draaahmah and carrying ons like the famous
"MONKEY TRIALS" over the teaching of evolution in the Tennessee courtroom and schools.  ;-). . . . .justin 


J said...

This sounds like more inane political correctness. The more these "educators" insist on teaching black history, native American history, Mexican history, gay history, the more kids are going to be ignorant of history as a whole. No wonder public education is bankrupt along with the government.
As for the gay emphasis specifically, I'd rather Alexander the Great be known more for his conquests than whom he slept with. It's OK to teach kids about the Stonewall Riots, the demise of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and other milestones of civil rights history of America, but in the context of American history as a whole. We have no business using the education process to promote some political agenda.

JustinO'Shea said...

You tell 'em, J !
I totally agree with your viewpoint! J

Gary Kelly said...

I agree with J too... which is why I wish my parents had never sent me to a Catholic school.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you J. I am suspect about the motives involved...much like the pub kiss. I always fear a setup is involved. I am not sure what the context would be and why it would have to be a "gay history." Too many agendas floating around already!

As to Alexander the Great....I remember a scene from a made for tv movie from the 80's, Doing Time on Maple Drive....pretty poorly made....but an interesting scene at the end when the son comes out to his father, who was a military man, if I remember it correctly. The father doesn't like the son's use of the word gay, "ruined a perfectly good word," says the father. He prefers "homosexual." And then he goes on to recall one of his heroes....Alexander the Great. He remembers him as an awesome military man, who happened to be homosexual. Didn't make him less of a man, the father his son being homosexual does not make him less of a man in the father's eyes...he is simply a beloved son. Lousy movie overall, but a good scene at the end.

We'll see what Govenor "Moonbeam" (dubbed by Mike Royko, Chicago newspaper columnist in 1976 and picked up by Rolling Stone later on) does in this case. I have yet to expect much from him.


Coop said...

I dunno if this is a popular quote or not. "Gay people are a footnote in history... and for good reason".
Of course we are a footnote I retort we are only 10% of the population.

J is right. Is it more important to remember that someone was Gay... or their accomplishments?