Monday, April 25, 2011

It's All Small Stuff !

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:08 AM PDT
Couple2543x Is everything he says bugging you?  You look at him and can’t see the person you fell for?  You know what’s coming out of his mouth before he’s even said it, and worse, you’re irritated before you even hear it?
Relax, it’s pretty common.  The honeymoon could be over and you’re getting comfortable or worse yet, fidgety.  It happens to everyone as they realize the super sexy guy they’re with actually has some faults and maybe, just maybe he’s not so perfect after all.

So maybe he’s reactions are becoming a little too predictable for your liking, perhaps he’s not willing to budge on dumping those ankle socks when wearing shorts.  Basically what he’s telling you is that he’s not willing to be railroaded.  At this point of his life he knows what he likes and it’s working for him.  If he actually tells you this, then listen.  It’s actually a good thing.

As for knowing what he’s going to say next... That’s what happens when you get to know someone well, whether it be a friend or a lover.  You can probably place bets that if he’s seriously into you, he’ll be able to tell what’s going to come out of your mouth 9 times out of 10 also.

Relationships take work and some more if they’re to be successful.  There are going to be days when every single word out of his mouth will just drive you up the wall, when you look at him and wonder what the hell you’re doing, when you think to yourself, “why am I being such a bitch”.  It’s all part of the journey.  Don’t think that he won’t be doing the same thing, because he will (hopefully not at the same time).

Be kind to yourself, know when to walk away and take some gym time, self time, book time, whatever it is that’s needed.  But also know that you have every right to open up to him and tell him what ‘s going on in that head of yours.  The result will most probably lead to you both laughing about it and the tension dissipating faster than you could have imagined. 

Even if it’s uncomfortable, try breaking the destructive habit of past mistakes where things (sometimes things we don’t even understand) are left to fester and become bigger than the initial irritations they begin as.

Article By: Hallil Thompson

Halil is a UK transplant who has lived in Southern California for the past 5 years, having spent the previous 10 years living in San Francisco. His career background to date has been in Commercial Insurance, Social Work and Counselling. Hallil spends his free time hiking, running, reading, writing, camping and kayaking. Having been around the block a few times on the dating circuit on both sides of the Atlantic, Hallil is looking forward to sharing his observations within the sphere of the gay dating world and relationships. He can be contacted at:

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Gary Kelly said...

Honesty in any relationship is paramount.

The last thing you wanna hear from the other person is a sentence beginning with, "But I thought..."

Stew said...

This is a difficult lesson to learn and adhere to. There are definately times when I have to step back and remind myself to talk it out.