Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week is a Holy Week  for Christians and Jews throughout the world.  Monday evening the youngest child in a Jewish family will ceremonially ask an important questions: "Father, why is this night more important than any other night?" And the father will tell the story of God freeing the Hebrew People from slavery in Egypt and they will eat the ritual Seder Meal recalling the events in their History.. . thruout eight days.
Sunday is the day of Palms and the drama of Jesus coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover with His family. . . .and the events leading up to and including his arrest, trial and conviction, and crucifixion on a Friday we call Good. . . .and then the awesome events of Easter. . . . 

Holy days for people of faith and "the Book". .  So I share with you
an Easter version of  Cohen's lovely HALLELUJAH. . . .
HAPPY WEEK !      ~~ justin

Justin      Another version of Hallelujah for the season!  Pat

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Stew said...

Whether a person believes in God or not, it's nice to see that the story of Easter hasn't been completely lost. Working in a retail setting, it's sometimes difficult to remember that it's about more than bunnies, eggs and cheap presents.
That was nice. Thanks for sharing.


Just watched Kelley Mooney, and
her Version, was beyond love and
tears. It tells the Holy Week
story, with an awesome Love of
Easter. I cried and cried(I am
a big cry baby) beyond Precious.
Such is life. At the End of video
it brought up the "The Prayer", with Celine Dione and Josh Groban.
That I Thank You for as well
Justin. You are so Beautiful with
your Faith. None of our leaders
know how to express your Love
Of God, like You do and Mean It!!!
Never let it Go!!!

JustinO'Shea said...

JOE. . .I am glad you liked it. Thanks for your kind words. ;-)

Maybe keep in mind we are all different. . .;-) No one is "better than" . .. just "different from". ;-)


Coop said...

Justino, I also admire your ability to express your faith in God.
And, if I'm completely honest, I also admire the strength of your faith.

I'm more "in tune" than I was before, sure, but still not where I'd like to be.

Yes, we are all different from each other, but we all have aspirations.
We should anyway.