Saturday, April 9, 2011

The BoatSlip

Hello All Y'All. . . .Here is an aereal view of the world renowned BoatSlip Resort. . . . .Home of the Tea Dance which doesn't start until early - mid May. . . and is in full swing by Memorial Day weekend.
If you look under the deck. . .that is place Richard was referring to. . .and warning me to stay away from. . . ..ho ho ho

Life here at "Mecca" is very quiet this time of year.  While there se
seem to be visitors in town during the day time, the place at night is 
quiet at night. . . a lot of places are still closed. . . .and/or  open only on weekends, day time. 

Today the temps got to be in the low 50*s and the sun was warm and 
inviting.  So later morning Peter and I headed out for a tour thru the Enchanted Forest, pass the turn into Herring Cove, only a few cars in
the parking lot, and continued along the paved road which which winds 
thru the Dunes, along the edge of the Beech Forest to Race Point Beach

This is one of our favorite places to go, and I've written here en blog
about its specialness.   Here on the US coast one stand at the closest
to Europe.  One of the New England poets - Henry David Thoreau who lived at and wrote about Walden Pond loved to come and just rest his
soul at Race Point.  I guess it has served many of "the natural mystics
as the place for contemplation."

It was such a good afternoon. . . . . . .;-)

 So we made ourselves comfortable, a bit sheltered from the cold
Atlantic winds and just breathed, were quiet. . .I think Peter even 
dozed off a bit. . .. poor baby, didn't get enough sleep obviously. .LOL
We walked along the beach. . . just roaming rather aimlessly. . .tho
I did at one point stop, faced outward toward the ocean and purposely
turned my back on the entire United States. . . .especially on 
Washington, DC, and all the  nonsense going on there.  AS my ever
sharp grandmama  Mme Bouvier remarked the other day, in her 
sometimes caustic manner "If people in the marketplace worked like
our elected legislators in Congress they'd soon find themselves out 
on the street looking for a job ! En tout cas. . . ."

We stayed until we were both so hungry we were growling and left
in  search of food.



jimm said...

it so hot you need a Sweet Escape pitstop!

I walked around the port here. Watched the young sk8rs do their thang. A few anglers casting about. And some Lasers, believe it or not, racing out on the lake. Cold out there! it be 50f on land, prolly 35f out on the lake.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey JIMM. . ..still skating on the lake??? Where are you?. . i recall near Irondequoit somewhere. . .right? Lake Ontario still frozen?

See there, Gary. . ..there are places worse off than where I am at school. . .on the mainland. lol

But Jimm, aint it sweet to be out, in the Spring [even early] able to breathe. . . like after the long winter bundled in clothes I just wanna strip 'em off and 'run with the wind'. . .unimpeeded.

Gary Kelly said...

I like the architecture there, a bit like something you might see in Scandinavia. Such places in Oz tend to be fairly hotch potch with no distinct character.

We do have ice and snow in Oz, in the Alpine region which straddles the New South Wales/Victorian border... around Mt Kosciuszko (named after a Polish immigrant).

I worked on a TV program where we used footage shot by a young woman who spent 6 months in the Antarctic filming stuff on Super VHS. Months after she had returned to Oz, we shot an interview with her at Kosciuszko on the icy banks of a small semi-frozen river, with snow on the ground. We had to confine the shot to the snow and ice because outside of that small area, it was all green grass and bright sunshine. It was Spring! Hehe. But the interview footage was convincing enough to make it look like we had shot her on location in the Antarctic.

Don't believe everything you see on TV.

Gary Kelly said...

BTW, all those footprints in the sand look to be made by shoes... no toes! So I gather it's still a bit too chilly for bare tootsies.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeps, yu could do toesies. . .but I prefer not til it is warmer. . just depends. . I did take shoes off and walk in the surf a bit. . .just a bit. . freezing cold! hehe

jimm said...

Ah, Justin... my bad... sk8trs as in skateboarding!

No ice on Lake Ontario now, but the small inland lakes/ponds still have some ice. IQ Bay is ice free too. And job applicants were lined up at the amusement park.

Unimpeded huh?!? Haven't done that since my skinnydipping boyscout days!

JustinO'Shea said...

Got it. . .now. Didn't really think it was that bad. . lol

Rockit88 said...

I saw some humpback whales at Race Point 2 weeks ago, breaching and lobtailing, playing like a bunch of puppies. There was only two other people there that day who didn't seem to notice them. We won't have the beaches to ourselves for much longer ;-(

sophie...^5 said...

Jim and I biked Race Point the last time we were visiting PTown staying at the Commons. We enjoy this place, so quiet and peaceful in middle of everything. The beaches we miss now even though we have plenty of beaches in NS, Cape Cod's beaches are just amazing!