Friday, April 8, 2011


Just before class. . . .sitting in the office I share with two other TAs and feeling engulfed with a humungous case of Spring Fever. . . In the woods, they say, the sap is running. . .hehe. . .well I know it is running in my veins mixing with my Roma Gypsy blood!  Sure sign of Spring. . .the longings in my roaming thoughts. . . .I just wanna be home on the DUNES!  And I wanna roam the streets of Provincetown tonight with Peter in tow. . . .and maybe head over to "that place" we went that night of our first meeting, almost two years ago in July, at the BoatSlip. . . and just kinda hang out for a while. . . .The internet weather says it is 45* and brilliant SUN on the Cape. . . .warmer for the weekend. .  .and all manner of flesh will be out and about. . . .I AM going !  There. . .decided!

Now I have to go to class and be brilliantly stunning. .. . hahahahaa
Dammit!  ;-)


p.s.  I wanna do this too. . .. . hahahaaaa




Coop said...

I still prefer the main land, Justino. LOL Enjoy your weekend.

It's overcast today... a little grayer than it was yesterday.
The temps though are PERFECT for keeping a couple windows open at home with something mellow on... The Motels or Jimmy Buffet... that kinda thing.

If the climate was like this all year...

Richard said...

Just be careful not to go under the deck at the Boatslip. I hear that strange things happen under there. :)

Gary Kelly said...

Jeez, when 45F (about 8C) looks inviting, you guys must experience some pretty nasty weather 'over there'. I start complaining when I've gotta wear shoes and a track top.

It's autumn here at the mo, and the daily temps are in the low to mid 70sF.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I LOVE that blonde guy.


Stew said...

Have fun at home. I'm sure it's a well deserved vacation from acadamia.
And Coop, if the climate was like this all year, there would be no summer tourism to keep the dollars rolling. But it is welcomed after such a winter, I'll give you that.

And yes, stay away from the underside of that deck. You don't want to know what happened to me there. Or maybe you do.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper. . .Dawson from Corbin Fisher. . . ;-)~~

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh really? Oh Richard !
Never knew that. . . .

But there is the "DickDock" farther down the street, under the dock at the old Coast Guard Station. . . . .an outdoor, grungier "Babylon" from QAF. . .LOL. . . .

Every so often the Provincetown News carries notice that the local gendarms are raiding the place and keeping the boys on the move. . .. LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

Our Winters. . .esp this year and last. . . have been especially nasty, unending, bitter cold, tons of snow, freezing rain, ice. . . really hard.
Snow storms have dumped 2 - 3 feet at a times, several days the same week!

So sunshine, 45*F [8*C] temps are just nice, feel warm on the bod. . mellow-izing. And who wouldn't prefer your Autumn 70*s !

Many States early on in the season had already spent their budget for snow removal and plowing and still down it came, day after day. . . yes, it was beastly! LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

O Stewart!!! Really? Oh my. . . DOn't tell. . . unless you want to to. . . .leave the 'followers' something to creatively imagaine. . LOL ho ho ho. . .

Anonymous said...

A 45*F [8*C] maximum daily temp would be very unusual here in lil ol' Adelaide. Maybe once every two years?
10*C is a COLD day here.
You can KEEP your cold weather.

Strangely we've ahd the wettest beginning to a year on record...not bad for a summer eh. Not that it's been cold by any means, just lovely warm to hot weather for several days, then wham-bam-thank-you-ma-am in comes a quick fast boisterous cool change, dumps some rain and buggers off leaving crisp warm sunshine.

A perfect summer this year, way better than the heatwave summers of the last few years...niiiice.

Yes, Dawson. I reckon its his beautiful smile that kills me as much as anything else...not to mention he's blonde...and has a....yeah, we'll leave it there...


Coop said...


My income doesn't depend on tourist dollars.
I am not fond of humidity so
I'll be wishing for this weather when it's 85 degrees and muggy.

I haven't looked at Corbin Fisher in a long long time. Dawson is noice to look at.

Now what did I do with my mobile phone? I left it somewhere yesterday.