Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Destinations, Salsa Dancer, Front Runners. . . . . .

DDear Greg-in-no-rush. . . . . .Well now, mate, yes and no -- for me.  ;-)  There are times when the destination is far more important for me than the journey there.  Yes, Yes, I too have heard so much about "living in the present moment" and I do believe that too. . . .in anticipating what lies ahead I am too apt to miss the "wonder of the now". . . . .'s make a poster!!!  hahaahaaaa. . .A real example:  when I head out for HOME, the Dunes and especially for PETER !!!, that is far more important to me than the 4hours drive. . . .. yeah but. .. .ho ho ho. . . without the 4hr drive I wouldn't have all that is waiting for me. . . . .yepper.  And on those occasions, am I in a rush? (God forbid I should ever ever exceed the speed limit of. . . whatever it is. . hahaaa. I go with the flow and sometimes lead it ! )

I heard said that one famous early evening TV preacher of the 1950s, a catholic bishop who had a half-hour talk show every evening on CBS, used often to remind:  "Remember, Folks, if your heaven doesn't begin here on earth it doesn't begin at all !"  So much for that journey-destination.

And as to a Salsa dancer to spice up your life, go for it. . . . I have a Portuguese dancer who is "the spice of my life".

I highly recommend the dance.  . . .which reminds me, you've heard the song/hymn  Lord of the Dance ?  And the gay novel  Fancy Dancer ?  by Patricia Nell Warren.  (When I first read her books I was convinced the writer was really a male:  how could a straight woman describe so accurately the emotions of a young gay guy?!  In her most famous gay novel Front Runner  read when I was in high school  I found Ms Warren describing my feelings so well. . . .putting my stuff into words!!!  Now I had words to describe I am a gay boy! )

And Ms Warren really is a woman.  If you are not familiar with her work Google her.  She has a number of good books about gay life and love.  Another one, following Billy in Front Runner, is  Billy'sBoy.  I recommend her books to my students to understand the gay scene. .  . . .for many an eye-opener.  Front Runner, the first of a trilogy about Billy Sive and his two college buddies who break into the Montreal 1975 Olympics as openly gay runners . . . . .and all the adventures and misadventures. . . .That was early on, even for Montreal !

See, Greg-in-no-rush, the can of worms you opened up with your comments about  trips and destinations and Salsa Dancer !  Thanks.  Doesn't take a lot to get the mouth running . . . hahhaa

Ciao, Ciao, Mates.. . . .cha cha  chaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Too late tonight for me to go websurfing, its been a loong day.

I'll check her out over morning coffee...hey, ok, yes, while it is mid morning over your way Justin, and it is morning already here....its far too early, it's only been "tomorrow" for 35 minutes, I need sleep first.

Catchya later, I need that sleep and some time to see if there are any worthwhile comments in my cupboard.


Richard said...

Well, I recognize good old Commercial Street in Ptown, but I don't seem to see Peter. Or do I?

Gary Kelly said...

Sean Connery is not James Bond. Connery is an actor. Mark Twain is not Huckleberry Finn. Twain is a novelist. Yeah?

Writers, particularly writers of fiction, need to "become" the characters they write about, just as an actor becomes the character he plays. Otherwise there's no credibility.

Writing has taught me some valuable lessons. For example, when I write about two or more characters with opposing points of view, I have to legitimately empathise with both, and understand where each character is coming from. It's a bit like participating in a debate where you're conducting both sides of the argument. Hehe.

JustinO'Shea said...

Do you ? hmmm. . . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well Justin, morning coffee never happened. Too busy.
So a late lunchtime goggle of Warren was in order.

Yes I had been aware of the book,years ago, but as I've never been one for unhappy (ending) fictional stories I didn't read it.

In fact I've read very little fiction over the years, I prefer fact.

There are so many brilliant stories of real people and real happenings out there that I've preferred to stick with real people thjat I can identify and perhaps empathise with.

It isn't a rigid rule by any means, just a preference...and we all know about them, haha!

But from the reviews I've read about those 3 books of hers that you mentioned, she must indeed be a very well read and understanding person herself to be able to write as she obviously does. The acceptance and praise of gays that she seems to have is quite a testament to her skills...and dedication. In fact I'd love to read her autobiography!

As for the salsa, well I am no dancer, never have been, never had "rythm".

I'm a real white-boy...can't dance. But I did love gyrating in my own sorry way, in the half-dark strobe-lit venues to LOUD rock when I was younger, and no-one cared what you looked like ... or could dance like.

It was a real bastard really, I could 'feel' the music, I loved the beat and longed to be able to 'do the moves' .... but I sucked, ha!

Well, I'll come back to the "journey or the destination" bit that sort of started this thread.

Overall, I regard life as a journey, that's what I focus on while still having a vague plan to arrive at my destination....that is, my death. amd not be wishing that I'd done things all that differently and not happy with who I had become.

I'd only be wishing I could have more of the journey.

Your quotation from the TV preacher says it all to me.
"Remember, Folks, if your heaven doesn't begin here on earth it doesn't begin at all !"

If you cannot make the journey worthwhile then there is no point in living your life.


Coop said...

I don't mind flying in a plane. I do not like long cah rides.

Anonymous said...

Ok Coop, you've got me puzzled. Yep, I'm slow.
The statement you made could mean a few things.....I'll ponder this as the day goes


Coop said...

Hi Greg :)

I was just rambling slash being chatty. I was inspired by Justin's 4 hour drive musings.

I suppose I could look up Patricia Neil Warren as well. I'm reading Swedish crime thrillers these days (the "Girl who..." triology & stuff by Henning Mankell). I'm also working through the history of MI-6 that doubles as a door stop.


Anonymous said...

Coop, ha! Now I get it. Justin's car trip, where the journey was a pain, a means to an end in this case, lol.

But I had to ask cos I hate it when I think I'm missing out on something.

When I was a kid I HATED the thought that I did not hear or know what others around me did....fear of being left out I guess.

This translated in my grown-up years to hating it when I missed the meaning of what someone said.

I guess I see it as a shortcoming in my own intelligence, my own understanding, and that pisses me, ha!

I try too hard to be smart and beat myself up when I fail to understand or cope with something straight away.

But then I guess IF that is my worst failing, things aint all that bad eh.

Yeps, Justin, your blog has me looking at me again. Examining my own thoughts and actions....not a bad thing to do every now and again, sit back, reflect and take stock.

Thanks too Coop, your "rambling/chatty" triggered it.


Coop said...

Y'know, Greg. I do the same thing to myself. I am my harshest critic and I know it.