Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday afternoon. . ..c. 1:15pm in Class

Hello. . . .I wrote this to you yesterday afternoon. . . .. from :The Halls of Academia. . . . ;-)

Today I am proctoring my own quiz right now.  Both groups got  sneak attack today. .  hahahahaaaaa. . . .a surprise spot-checky  "sneak attack". .. . to see if they have been keeping up in the work on a daily basis. . .if they've done the assignments for/in their work books  which they are supposed to do right along. . . thems who've done the work have nothing to worry about. . . . neither do the rest. . . .it will be evident.   hahaha  . . . .they may use their work books. . . for this last part of the quiz.  hahahaa  Shoulda seen the looks on some of their faces. . i.e. thems what dint do the assigned work. . . .ho ho ho. . ..One of the dolls is sitting there grinning at me, kinda looking embarrassed, cuz it's obvious he didn't keep up.   He looks back to see if he can find something in his notes he can use.  When I scan his paper it will say 'BullSheeta'. . . he dint do it.  ho ho ho

Periodically I will say at the end of the class  "A word to the wise is sufficient. . .!"  and waltz out. . . . LUV IT.  I told them early on that was the clue announcement about a "sneak attack". . . .it may not be the next day right after the "WORD", as in this case.  I said it on Wednesday. . . give 'em time to get caught up if they wanted to. . . ..see, I am a sweetheart of fairness and justice. . .ho ho ho

Oh Oh. . .Poor Duffer just made a fatal mistake. . . .looking like he was eating shit and hating it, he came to my desk and sorta whispered to me. . "Justin. . .errr. . ahem. . . .Mr O'Shea, can you give me a hint as to what "we" were talking about/working on on Wednesday?  Please? "  [his best alluring grin. . . .so he thinks. . . NOT ! .]

End of Tale. . . .his tail. . . .hahaha
Mr. O'Shea, MS.Psych.    [hahahaaaa]   




Justin, why is he in school, paying
all that good money, and not
keeping with his work load.
I would call them SLIDERS!!!
How far can you slide and not
bang your ass against the wall,
maybe mom and dad didn't teach them
about real life. Huh. lol

Anonymous said...

Yer a hard man, Mr O'Shea, a hard man is wot you are being.


I just wish I had more teachers like you when I was studying.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to sign my last post...the one about Justin bein a hard(!) man....
It was me, GreginAdelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

GREG, you can't hide. . lol. . I guessed it was YOU ! LOL

"A hard man is good to find. . ."



Anonymous said...

Well at least Flannery O'Connor is still being quoted these days, even if it is in a mangled form:)


Anonymous said...

You bring out the classics in us Justin


JustinO'Shea said...

I do ??? Hmmm. . .how. . .and what mangled form of Flannery O'Connor.. .?
Btw, who is he? Pardon my ignorance, Pat. . . .ignorant even tho I do "bring out the classics in us?"

C'est toujours le grand mystere. .,n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Flannery was a she. Writer of short stories and novels from a "true Catholic" perspective, not the more simplistic accounts many of us were given or appropriated. We were only kids when we tried to understand all this stuff. One of her greatest works was entitled, A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. She wrote about experiencing grace in the most horrific places in life and truly experiencing that grace in the biggest messes we find ouselves in be they of our own making or that of someone else's making. The truly Catholic understanding of God is that God is always a God of second chances. Note that it is Moses who stones the people in idolatry when comes down the mountail with the first set of tablest God has written with God's finger and later in the story, after confronting Mosesas on what he has done tells him to cut two more stone tablets. God intends to
Write for a second other words give the people a second chance. And as teh story goes on...a third and fourths.... god is always a god of second chances.

John uses that in his story of the woman caught in adultery. The story isn't about physical adultery. The relationship between God and humanity is seen int the scriptures as the marriage relationshio. John shows the
True adulterers to be the so called religious experts who think they understand God's ways. In the end, the only one to tryuly understand God is the woman. Augustine wrote that in the end, misery and mercy face each other and mercy says to misery, "has no one condemed you?" she repies, "no one Sir." and he replied, "then go and live this truth" Justin, remember in the story the comdemning crowd does not move until Jesus writes on the ground for the second time. In the scriptures, only God writes twice, and it is always to offer another chance. That is how I was raised to have a Catholic worldview. I still hold it today as I believe you do also. Check out Flannery. I think you will find her work invaluable when you counsel people, if for no other reason than how she finds grace in the most hellish situations.

Richard said...

"A hard man is good to find" is generally attributede to Mae West.

Anonymous said...


One finds wisdom in many places:)