Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UNIVERSITY. . . .Hey bro, I've done this before . . .. . or am I dreaming?

Here we go again. . . into full swing. . . .Haven't I already done this. . .over and over and over. . . It seems so many times. . .eight semesters of undergraduate work here at university central . . .hahaa. . .and here I slide into Semester 4 of Grad School in the Department of Psychology. . . . ."like. . .I've been here before. . . .wake me up!  LOL

Yepper,  Christmas break is over and we are back. . .almost like we never left. . . LOL  I drove back to school on Friday morning last. Why. . .at the beginning of the long weekend.  MartinLutherKing day is a holiday, and so forth.  I wanted some time of my own to leisurely slip back into the field of  academia.  I arrived early afternoon at Mme Bouvier's home, which for those of you new to JustinDunes is where I live, thanks to the generosity of my grandmother.  This gives her someone to cook for and look after, and she admits to feeling safer with me around.

Gram is one of these modern grandmothers who still maintains some of the traditional traits of the American granny but maintains her own style, life and views on life.  She considers herself, and she really is, an open-minded lady, accepting of people as they are, and rarely feeling the need to interfere and suggest 'change of life', as she calls it.  When I came out to my parents when I was 15, my being gay became part of the O'Shea-Bouvier "existential reality". . 
". . .Justin is the youngest of the O'Sheas, an A student in high school, member of the track team, about 5'10ish with a full thick head of brown hair with some golden highlights (natural, of course) and deep flashing dark brown eyes, friendly and engaging, gay and quite open about it without the need to flaunt and flame his sexuality. . .".etc. etc.

When Peter and I met and started hanging out together in summer 2009 and he came to visit when I was back at school Gram welcomed him with open arms and heart; she likes it when "both of my boys are home for the weekend!"  I told you. . she likes cooking and two guys are great to cook for. . .especially guys who like to eat and are not shy about it! 

I spent some time getting unpacked and settled in, then headed over to campus to see who might be around and what might be going on. I found that several members of the therapy group I am a member and we hung out for a while "checking in" and had supper together.

The nbext couple of days were spent getting my own classes and therapy work group sessions lined up, organized and in order.  Then got the lists and files in my 'faculty' mailbox with the two classes lists for  Intro Psych with whom I shall continue to work this semester.  I notice they are all coming back for the second semester. Good!  That means they are satisfied, challlenged and ready to keep on.  Excellent.

This morning, Wednesday, I met with my two groups and, officially, the second semester  began.  I am happy about this and look forward to our working together, and growing together. . .for unless the students and the teacher do grow together the time together, the classes, remain sterile and non-creative of new life in students and teacher.  Teaching/learning is sharing life.

We're off. . . .on an awesome adventure!
     ciao ciao !



Richard said...

Good wishes for a productive semester.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, back on the treadmill, but I'm sure you aren't getting on where you got on last time....or even where you got off.....

You're progressing, even if it feels like a treadmill.

It's when you really don't progress that you really are on a treadmill.

Greg in Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS, Richard. ;-)

Jim said...

Have a good term Justin.Your grandmother sounds like a real sweetie!

JustinO'Shea said...

Yep, Jim. . .she is. . . she's styllin'. . .;-)

J said...

Life is like a rocket. Sounds like you're soon to jettison the last booster and go into a permanent orbit.

Gary Kelly said...

The house that JustinO built ain't finished yet, but the foundations are looking good.

JustinO'Shea said...

WoW. . .that means a lot, Gary. . . thanks!!!