Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lessons in Grace From Maurice Mannion-Vanover - interesting article in relation to the story of the billboards
and the difficulty of being gay and African-American. From all accounts,
these guys did more than an admirable job with their son....they were a
model that many could emulate.... Even when their own relationship began to
falter. Though sad, it was a nice story to read.  Hope you are settled in
for the semester and surviving "the chill." It was 27 below here Monday
:)  Pat


Gary Kelly said...

A truly remarkable story of the most unexpected kind.

Stew said...

Sounds like a young man that could brighten a room just by entering. Everyone's life has a story. We choose how it is played out and even how it ends, without even knowing it.
It's interesting that the people with things stacked against them seem to be the ones that touch so many peoples lives and experience life to it's fullest.
Perhaps we can all learn to "do better"

(And I love the hearse, it looks very familar.)


This young man had so little
to give, but he Gave back so Much in his short time on earth!!!

Timothy said...

I just saw this posting and decided to make a comment. I am Maurice's father and I can tell you that he himself was remarkable! As Stew surmised, Maurice could not only brighten any room but he had a way of brightening peoples' lives. I am glad to see that his life, and death, continues to have a impact.