Sunday, January 2, 2011

Benefits of Delyaing Sex Until Marriage

I know I have often heard this said but I really do not recall any of the benes  being talked about or outlined.  Now there is this report of studies and research being done and published.  Here is a report.

Benefits in Delaying Sex Until Marriage 

What do you think about this?  Does it mean that the parties should never have had sex with anyone prior to getting married?  Or does it mean the couple dating and then preparing to marry ought never to have engaged in sex with each other?   If it is the former, then I guess it is just plain too late to ever hope to reap the benefits. . . .;-)

I am going to hang onto this report and bring it to my therapy group partners. . .and see what the six or seven of us have to say.  Maybe too I will throw this out in my two Intro Psych courses. . .if only to observe their reactions. . . .male and female they are, straight and gay they are, as God made them. . . .. ;-)

What do All Y'All think about this?   ;-)

     justino. . . ..still recovering from all the holidaying. . .;-) *

* not from alcohol, however, since I do not imbibe. . . .by choice. ;-)


Gary Kelly said...

How can a couple compare sex within marriage with sex before marriage if they've never had sex before marriage?

JustinO'Shea said...

Good point, Mr Kelly ! Nice to have the Elders here to inform us. . .never dawned on me. Certainly is a very logical question.


Coop said...

Here goes guys. I'm nervous :)

Justin's question is interesting, considering that Gay men usually can not get "married" in the eyes of the government or the church.
Lust and desire are not entirely bad. Far from it.

I believe that sex is something special to be shared by people who care for one another. It is more than "getting off" ;-)
A dear friend of mind asked me if the Christian clergy has a healthy concept of human sexuality. I have yet to answer him.
I sort of think that it is too much to ask a couple not to have sex with anyone else before marriage. I'm not exactly convinced; but it seems too restrictive... even a punishment for having feelings of desire.
If a couple wants to share in the pleasure, THEY MUST get married. Oh by the way, divorce is technically forbidden to.

The churches... clergy may see the "union" is more important than the couple's love and respect for each other. Humans are too weak to resist base desires, so they need to be chained to each other. No surprise really. Marriage has been a deal between the families. Love and attraction meant nothing. The... well... man and woman were told to shut up and play along.

I can wait to have sex. I have sleazy, lusty feelings. I want sex to be a union, not a performance.
Could I have only one man sexually? I'm not sure. I cannot make the decision right now with my heart and my mind.

JustinO'Shea said...

Why be nervous, Coopsta? You have every right to express your views here. . .just as others do.

Speak up, Man. . .:-))