Friday, January 28, 2011

"Let it snow. . let it snow. . .". . .WASH your mouth out, boy! lol

One of our friends sent off this little one-liner. . . .;-)
. . .. "-Given your response to the comments posted I figure you are completely snowbound, and there is no school.  Correct? "

Yes we d have a good amount of snow.  More difficult, they say, for off campus students to drive, etc.  Why I made it!  Hahahaa. . .I live in another state even. . .!!!  Grammama aka Mme Bouvier lives in "a quaint New England town" across the river from the campus, part of an also-quaint picturesque town.  . . so I 'commute' driving down the street and across the bridge to the campus. . .

And I made it today.  Lots of others did not. . .faculty and students. Tho I wouldn't make the trek home to The Dunes, I did want to get out of the house and "play in the snow". . . .no problems driving. The towns know how to drive trucks and plow roads. . ;-)

So I set up shoppe in my classroom to work there this morning, having arrived just about time my first class begins.  Lo and behold!
some of my students moseyed on in, with backpacks and coffee. . like the survivors they are. . . so we had some informal chats and "hearings" about some important "matters of consequence". . . It was all very pleasant and fun.


Jim said...

Oh how I miss my university days!! They were such a time of growth and companionship! But always one to try and live in the present, I appreciate the life in which you find yourself Justin. And lucky you to not have to travel very far to get to your classes.

Gary Kelly said...

I was 50 before I saw snow for the first time. And I've not seen any since. I was surprised to see it falling as little crystals. I'd always imagined snow as looking like it does on postcards... kinda like vanilla yoghurt.

But what I wanna know is why they only use one carrot instead of two when they build a snowman.

Richard said...

The live cam on Cabot Candy in Ptown was not available all day on Thursday. Power outage? Anyway, it was working this morning and it looked like Ptown got about 6 inches or so. Town Hall looked extremely pretty in its new elegance with snow trim.

JustinO'Shea said...

Gary, our SNOWpersons are all a-sexual ! ;-)

J said...

Here's Pound's take on the situation, part of a parody of an Old English counterpoint melody:

"Winter ist Icumen In
Lhude sing Goddamm,
Raineth drop and staineth slop.
And how the wind doth ramm.
Sing: Goddamm."

My sentiments exactly.

JustinO'Shea said...

I concur. . . .let's sing a rousing chorus.
Ole Ezrie had a way of saying things, dint he?!

JustinO'Shea said...

RICHARD. . . .I agree. . the Town Hall is totally elegant with the new paint colors. . .great selection. . the snow is like the frosting on the cake. . .yummmmies.

Ya gotta know there are Gays on the Town Council overseeing things. .. hehe


Stew said...

Nice shot Justin! You should post more pictures.
We Northerners don't mind a little snowfall. It just takes good tires and a little knowhow.