Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arkansas Birds Killed by Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

Hello All Y'All. . .. 
Have you had a good morning laugh today?  Here's one for you. . . .
Isn't it amazing people take stuff like this seriously?!  How desperate they are for something, anything to hang onto.  A prophet,  any prophet,  will do. . .to profit the cause.   ssshhheeeesssssshhhhh.
T'would seem they think homosexuality is 'catching'. . .that it might spread its enticing tentacles and trap them into a life of 'debauchery'. . . . . or is this a case of unconscious desire/fear/wishful fantasy? Whatever and 'from whence' it is downright silly. . .and pathetic.
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A new message from your friends at People For the American Way.


Cindy Jacobs says the birds are dying because of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal.

Watch the video to witness the tortured logic she uses to connect those dots.

cindy jacobs
Before shrugging off this self-identified "prophet" as just another crazy, remember that she and others with similarly extreme views are the new face of the Religious Right, a constituency whose influence has grown immensely with the Republican gains of this last election.

Dear Justin

Have you been wondering about those thousands of birds that fell from the sky in Arkansas on New Years Eve? According to "respected prophet" and Religious Right rising star Cindy Jacobs, the event which some have playfully dubbed the "aflockalypse" was the result of ... wait for it ... the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy getting repealed. I wish I was kidding. You really have to see this.

Recently, PFAW's blog discovered footage of Cindy Jacobs' response to the mass bird deaths. Since then the video has been watched on YouTube more than 270,000 times and has been featured on blogs, TV and radio programs around the world.

The "prophet" Cindy Jacobs, the cofounder of an organization called Generals International, has been steadily gaining prominence in the right-wing movement over the past year.

We started tracking Jacobs last year when right-wing leaders Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, and Janet Porter participated in a conference she organized during which Porter prayed that God would give Christians control over the media and Jacobs carried out a faith healing on audience members. And she is only one example of the Radical Right leaders we track whose influence is growing both within their movement and in our national politics.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, despite the viciousness of his unabashed anti-gay and anti-Muslim bigotry and his penchant for crossing the lines of decency and rationality, routinely plays host to some of the most powerful Republican members of Congress and potential presidential candidates. Most recently, he had on his radio show supposed "moderate" Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, who said that if he is elected president he will reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Fischer is profiled in the latest Newsweek, which cites our research.

David Barton, whom we've tracked extensively for years and will be releasing a Right Wing Watch In Focus report on soon, has made a career of peddling concocted falsehoods about our nation's history and its founders. He was instrumental in the recent attempt by the Texas State Board of Education to inject right-wing propaganda into textbooks in place of actual history and he's been a regular guest of Glenn Beck, who calls Barton the "most important man in America today." Barton is now scheduled to bring his brand of right-wing revisionist history and faux scholarship to the halls of Congress by teaching one of Rep. Michele Bachmann's Tea Party "classes" on the Constitution.

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Stew said...

She's playing the old game of seven degrees of Beebe,AR. That's the name of the town and the name of the governor. And an old governor became president and passed a law so it must be true.

Gary Kelly said...

She's smart enough to ask "is there a pattern?" without actually answering the question herself. She knows there's no shortage of dummies ready to assume there is a pattern if the possibility of a connection is suggested.

Sow the seed, and superstition will take care of the propagaton.

Gary Kelly said...

Actually, it's interesting about this right wing, left wing business. Any bird with only one wing can't fly.

JustinO'Shea said...

Our friend ALAN sent this note. . lol

Thu, January 27, 2011 4:28:45 PM
strange but true
ALan Gloak [Chat now]
Add to Contacts
To: Justin OShea

Three years ago I introduced a pilot WiFi system to Glastonbury. I was accused of driving people mad, departure of bees, birds dropping dead and all the ills of mankind. I received threats against my being. So no I do not find the clip you put up strange just very sad that there are such disturbed people around and that there are so many other nutters who believe them. I typed this with my eight finger hand on my fourth arm. LOLL Alan

J said...

Please note that the religious right's control over the Republican Party has slipped since our looming economic implosion has taken center stage, largely because they haven't been able to control the majority of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Partiers are mad about government spending, and want to preserve the purity of their message. But if you're looking for an example of the harm these religious nuts have wrought in the world, check out their influence in Uganda. They held a conference there to support efforts to keep in place Uganda's very draconian laws against the gay community that provide, inter alia, death for those who engage in homosexual acts. Prominent gay activist David Kato was hammered to death in his home yesterday, prompting a warning to the Ugandan government by Secretary of State Clinton. I guess this is the religious right's idea of working for Jesus.

jimm said...

Dead birds? DADT???

Naw... it had to be Sarah up in her helicopter again! She can see Russia from there, too!

Profits for Prophets!

Coop said...

I did not even read this piece. Somehow, I think I already know what it says.
And I thought Pat Buchannan's babble about the earthquake in Haiti was the would be the end of this nonsense. Jeeezas.
I'm GLAD he didn't call for a repeal of the thirteenth amendment.

J, I hope you're right about the tea party. I wish mainstream Republicans with a brain would speak up and take back some influence.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeah, COOPSTA, read one, ya read 'em all. . ..say the same crap. I hear ya.
And you are correct, seems to me. . .Do these folk ever get a glimmer of how silly they are, and how silly we think they are. . .Of course, they've little deceny. . .imagine, believing/thinking they way they do!?


Coop said...

There is something to be said for sharing dispatches like this. Make people aware of the anti LGBT... racist... whatever the hell else they want to hiss at... Bigotry.

It's not worth anyone's attention I think. Most people with a brain will realize that these Ideas are worthless babble. And the ones who do believe it can't be reasoned with anyway.
Pray for them. That's all Coopsta of the rocky north shore can come up with. :)