Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A January Winter on the Cape

Good Morning All Y'All. . . I wish you a happy day. . .a peaceful day. . . .maybe even a quiet day. . . I am having such a morning, anyhow, as my spirit seems dry, weary, tired. . . The holidays were great and upon reflection very busy. . . maybe too busy for the quiet side of me.
I need some time to myself. . . .alone. . .to think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings.

I think I shall "wander" a bit today.  "Wandering" is the name I use to describe a kind of inward movement. . . I may do some actual 'walking wandering'. . .but what I am trying to express is more a soul-state, an inwardness which doesn't need physical movement as much as it needs spiritual or soul movement. . . that wandering quietly, musing, thinking, feeling. . . My spirit needs to breathe in fresh air, "alone air". . .air. . . 'space not shared with anyone during my wandering. . .



Jabacue said...

So wise you are, Justin. I hope you got the time you needed. Don't we all need this time on a regular basis.Thanks for your comment today....much appreciated by both!

Jabacue said...

Great photo by the way. Is it yours?

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, we all need time out alone to contemplate things without distraction. It's essential.

Anonymous said...

Gary would say that it could not be one of Justin's photo....cos the horizon is level....hee hee!

I'm feeling pretty damn fine this morning.

Yes, time for oneself is most important.
Some people I know don't ever seem to organise time for themselves, time alone, time for reflection.

I'm fairly certain that (all?) of these particular people are not 100% happy with themselves and don't like to be caught alone, not busy, not in some turmoil or near-panic to get stuff done, or be somewhere etc.

They are perhaps uncomfortable with any one of a number of things. Perhaps it is a fear of what their reflection will tell them about themselves or what they should perhaps be doing, or thier own perception of the people they are?

It seems to me that they try to avoid reflection, contemplation and conclusion, they perhaps don't like what it tells them?

Sorry, I should re-read all the above and condense it into s short summary, but you get what I mean.

Me? Well perhaps I try to analyse things, people and myself a bit too much? Ha!
Typical, I like to understand, I tend not to just take things as they are....and some things are the way they are, just "because".

Should some things be left mysterious, un-analysed?

Hmm..... you've done it again Justin, my day will be spent working....and pondering, wondering.

Cheers brother,
Greg in Adelaide

Coop said...

Ellen DeGeneres used to do ads for American Express. In one of them, she tries meditation, succeeds in clearing her mind, and then starts wondering about socks that get lost in the dryer.
It's a great ad because it describes me.

Sitting still, calm, thinking, is IMPOSSIBLE. LOL

I admire anyone who can reflect and let their spirit wander.

JustinO'Shea said...

And well you should. . . .Admire, that is. It's a matter of discipline. ho ho ho