Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sex change treatments

Sex-changes in kids. . . .growing trend - hormone treatment at puberty. . . . 



Stew said...

Although at a young age, you do know that something isn't right. I'd agree that is a huge decision to make. And such a permanent one.

touchy subject there Justin.

JustinO'Shea said...

Touchy, indeed, Stew. I thought this might evoke / provoke some commentary. . ;-)

For me, it is a good area to talk about: the more I do, the more I learn. Until I began reading/talking about the transgender scene -- and more importantly meeting and getting to know a M-F tranny-- I couldn;t "wrap my mind around that one". . it just didn't 'resonate' with me. . I was ignorant: I had no knowledge.

My 'mindset' has changed a bit intellectually. . .I can understand it a little bit better. . . emotionally I am still distant. . I can't conceive of that. . .that's exactly it: I can't "conceive": it is not my issue. I have to work at it.


Justin, I met a transgendered man at a LGBT meeting last year, and I really felt for him. He had just told his son partly that he was transgendered and still had to tell him what it was all about. It was the first time I had ever met this type of person, and felt empathy for him. It took me off guard and I often wondered what a hell of a life he must have. He looked afraid in telling the rest of us at the meeting. Guess that meeting gay folks is much different from from transgendered. I know they seem to be few and the history of their life would be very interesting.

GreginAdelaide said...

Why is it?
It seems to me that humans seem to have an urge (larger in some than others) to categorize others and themselves.

People seem driven to fit into categories, molds.

Some people become so focussed in trying to find themselves that it overtakes their lives. Some become so obsessed to the point that it consumes their very lives.

BUT, why not just be happy to be alive, to be a human being first and foremost?
Why not just be happy as a person first?

Once you've substantially reached that goal then be happy to search, develop and enjoy your sexual identity, be it asexual, bisexual homo or whatever.....

Why make the sexual part of your identity such an overwhelming part of your being to the point that it becomes an obsession and overtakes your life?

Be a human being first, a good human being, one that you can be proud of.

To me, it is obvious and simple....but then so am I.

So, to have others make drastic and irreversible decisions on a child is very alarming to me. But, I've not met these children and do not know how strong the urges and needs in them are.

However, I think that the parents must be to blame for making such an issue of it with their children at such an early age?

But then, I'm no parent.
Out of my field, out of my depth. But bewildering no less.

Coop said...

If a kid... anybody... gets picked on because they don't color inside the gender lines it's the bully that has the problem.

I agree with the Dr. Moon (the lady on the bioethics committee). What if a kid merely needs to grow and learn that girls don't have to wear dresses... or boys don't have to play football? And get comfortable the way they are? Self discovery takes time and it is something that every human goes through. The part that tugs at my heart is the children going through abuse and mutilating themselves.

What do I know? Unlike Justin I haven't tried to understand this part of the human condition I feel like a Queer man and that's what I see when I look at myself naked. Everything is fine as far as I'm concerned.

JustinO'Shea said...

Now that sounds like a contented man! ;-))

Gary Kelly said...

I agree with Greg - humans have an urge to categorize themselves and others, which then brings pressure to conform. And that's where all the problems begin.