Monday, February 6, 2012

The Golden Oldies


Jim said...

I get first dibs! Why? I don't know! I wanna be the navy guy. I almost joined the Canadian navy when in

JustinO'Shea said...

I think this is hysterical! I saw the Village People on the Cape "years ago". . .hahahaaa. . Always thought Pepe, the Native American was cute. . and HOT. . .uhuh. LOL After their show they were mixing. . .I snuck in illegally. . I wanted to dance with Pepe. . hahahaa Didn't tho. . .;-((

Now they are the Retirement Village People. . .can't you just imagine. LOL. . . spelling out A.A.R.P.

Richard said...

The Retirement Village People is quite apt for Cape Cod. I just finished reading the first of three installments in the Cape Cod Times about the difficulty of living on the Cape for young folks. As a result, young folks are moving out and older folks are moving in. The median age of Orleans makes it the oldest town in the state. The median age of Barnstable County is fast approaching 60.