Friday, August 19, 2011

Will this work "in time". . . . . .???

New Obama Policy: Deportations Coming to an End? | News | The Advocate

Thursday, August 18, 2011 10:20 PM

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 So . . .what about the couple from earlier this week. . . .?
the Australian married to an American who has AIDS. . .The Aussie is his primary care giver. . . . 
There are more important things to do than to round up and deport [ btw, who pays the ticket back. . . ???? Can we afford the cost of this suffering inflicted on these people???] Married gays ---and i don't give a tinker's damn how they got here! -- are among the vulnerable, easily 'captured'.  Get the bloody drug dealers and those who import humans as sex slaves first . . . .

Isn't this a 'prima facie'  example of BULLYing?

Isn't the cost of this deportation operation paid by TAXES. . . . ooooooohh that dirty word!!!. . .. Are those who don't want any taxes collected, increased, etc, going to pay for this Operation out of their own pockets?   Will MR PERRY and  MS BACHMANN and their Cronnies cough up the costs from their own pockets. . . . .?   Hmmm. . .that would be some 'cough' !  hahahahaaa  

BTW did you see today that MS BACHMANN is promising US - YOU AND ME -  that she will get the cost of gas down to $2bucks a gallon !!!  I didn't bother to read her schedule.

Just kicking back and rambling. . . . .JUSTIN

p.s.  The Coopsta wants to know why I even bothered to go to the GAY PRIDE at Montreal last Sunday.  LOL
Well, we were downtown for Mass  Sunday and decided to get some lunch and watch the parade. . . .al fresco dining with entertainment. . . .;-))


jimm said...

Didn't Obama have an illegal immigrant relative here? And pardoned?

You should watch 'Crossing Over' on dvd, about illegals.

Politicians: I guess bachman plans on taking over Saudi Arabia.

Taxes: Would raising taxes on the rich have saved them more money than what they have lost on Wall St this past 2 weeks?

Saving the economy is too simple. Lower corporate tax on profits from 35% to 15%. This eliminates corporate need to bank and manufacture oversea. Then close all, and I mean all, corporate tax loopholes. It's a simple trade-off between Dems and Rep. Economy saved. Tea Party can evaporate.

Also kicking back!

Gary Kelly said...

It's true that deporting 10 million illegal immigrants is a bit of a logistical ask, but it's nothing compared to the problem Native Americans would face if they tried the same thing.

JustinO'Shea said...

Deport Native Americans???
Where to?
They are already HOME !!!!
This is THEIR land..home. .place of origin.

You know, sooner or later. . . .and the sooner the better. . .the residents of these United States "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all". . .are going to have to stop the whining, grow up, and start living in the real world. . .a world with a history far older than the current inhabitants. . . and deal with reality. Those wannabees who have created a la-la-world need to have an awakening and "get with the program". . . . It's a wonder we've made it this far. . .can't count on luck too much longer!

jimm said...

Ah Justin, me thinks you got it wrong. I believe Gary implied that Native Americans would have a difficult time deporting us. But, since I'm 1/16 Native, Gary actually means deporting you!

Ah but you'd jus go to Oz, right? Gary could use a new ROO'mate.

Gary Kelly said...

That's what I meant. Native Americans got there first. So if they decided to deport all illegal immigrants, there'd be over 310 million deportees and the original inhabitants could go back to living in tipis and chasing buffalo.

Something got lost in the translation.

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho. . .ROO mate. . .you wanna come too? hehee

Yes, I sure did have things in reverse. . ..on deportation, anyhoo...hhaaa

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh yeah. . .I am really an import. . .hahaaaa. . ..sumpin' the tinkers dragged in, . . hahahaa

JustinO'Shea said...

hhhmmmmm. . . .KemoSabe JIMMM, you into breech cloths??? yuuummmmmm. . .LOL

jimm said...

"breech cloths???"

Me thinks my hunk days are over, butt... no peeking...!

Coop said...

The parade: I'm sure some people weren't dolled up like exhibitionists. Justin and Peter aren't part of that stuff. So, I thought you'd say something about wanting to be around other gay people like yourselves. Get in touch with your identity etcetra etcetra :-}

Bachman and friends are speaking to the middle of the country and to the south. "The heartland".
The entire west coast doesn't exist to them nor does New England.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey there CoopstaBabes. . ."reach out and touch someone. . ". . .;-))

You know it. . .hahaha.. I didnt need go to Pride to get "in touch with my identity. . " It isn't THERE! ;-)
Besides of late I have been very much IN TOUCH with my ID. . .heheh.. .a LOT! LOL Fits right.

Will The Clowns be surprised by the West Coast and New England? I think so. . .don't you. You always give me courage dealing with The Clowns!

Have you heard Perry this week downgrading science about human influence on global warming. . .and even evolution. He's giving us the very WORST of "biblical" tradition. . that fundamentalist crag he is spouting by allusion is really scraping the bottom of the barrel intellectually and faith-wise.

"Faith" devoid of knowledge plays with the worst of human fears.. . .like people thinking a bale of hay will save them in the flood!

God is not honored by culpable human ignorance.

Well, enough on that. . .give 'em a few more weeks. . . the thought is scaryfying! hahaha

Coop said...

There's no way Bachman and friends will be able to force the idea that the earth is what 7,000 years old. Let that one go. It's not worth jumping up and down over.;-) Not all Christians... Republicans think the same and they will want to hear about real issues.
Genesis is an not accurate story of creation.I believe most Christians accept that.

JustinO'Shea said...

It is not WHAT they say. . .it is THAT THEY SAY IT. . ...see the difference. . .they try to make it real.

JustinO'Shea said...

Let it go. .'re missing my point, bro. . ..let's drop it. ;-)

Coop said...

Let it go?
If you want to drop it :-}

I'll let your comments "sit in the fridge". (Jell-o metaphor).
I should be in bed now. Don't ask me why i'm pretending to have intelligent thoughts.

Coop said...

Perry's job creation record is cited as one of his better qualities. There are folks in the GOP who point out that he created low wage jobs. A person could survive on the job but not live long and prosper. That's not enough.
My point: Perry Bachman has won biblical fundamentalist vote. But that isn't enough to carry the country.

GreginAdelaide said...

Lol Coops.

And if you think you got all the political nutters over there and we've got none here in Oz...get a gander at this peanut we've got. Gary mentioned him before, Bob Katter.

In August 2011 Katter said the prospect of same-sex marriage "deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed".

Read what he said about there being no Gays in his home state.