Monday, August 29, 2011


Dan Savage- - FOUNDER of It Gets Better  claims Marcus Bachmann, husband of Michele, a reparative therapist, is a nelly queen / closeted, lying, cheating married gay man.. . .

Dan Savage has a "right" to "bully"  Marcus Bachmann???


J said...

Harry Truman's observation about politics applies here: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
The only question I have is what does Savage hope to accomplish by issuing this philippic? The Bachmans will probably put it into their next fundraising appeal to the faithful. I say there's no percentage in it.

JustinO'Shea said...

Was Harry Truman always and everywhere correct in his opinions?

Why leave the kitchen when one can turn on the overhead fan and AC ? ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Marcus and Michele have five children (a sixth miscarried), and have fostered 23 other children. The Bachmans are normal, average Americans with 28 kids. Nothing unusual about that.

On the other hand, a cynic like me might say they're either extremely generous and loving or they're trying to prove something.

In any case, I agree with J. There's no percentage in criticising someone for having a lisp or other effeminate mannerism. There's no crime in that. If Savage is right, and Marcus Bachmann is a traitor to his own sexuality, then it needs to be proved, not suggested. Slurring the guy will only backfire.

J said...

No. I think he made a mistake in not taking George Marshall's advice that he not support the founding of Israel because of the chaos it would cause in the Middle East, but you can't be perfect. Truman got talked into it by his ex partner in a failed haberdashery business, Edward Jacobson. Jacobson was the only guy who could walk into the White House without an appointment and get to see Truman. He lobbied the president about Israel until an exasperated Truman bellowed, "All right, you bald headed son of a bitch, I'll do it! Now get the hell out of here!"
He was a great president who represented the best in small town American values. Unlike a lot of politicians, he wasn't in it for the money, the power or the pussy, and he didn't have any agenda except doing his utmost to make the best and most practical decisions for the national good. He, along with Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, were my kind of guys.

Coop said...

A famous gay guy who likes to "out" closeted gay people? I think it's an invasion of someone's privacy. No class.

Bachmann & husband are no friends of gay people. Dan should stick to speaking out against their hate.
This stuff makes Him look foolish.
Dan should be better than this.

JustinO'Shea said...

I think I'd have liked Harry S. Truman.
And I've learned a new word: philippic.. ." a discourse or declamation full of bitter condemnation : tirade. " [ from the speeches of Diosthenes against Philip of Macedon, 4 century b.c.e.]

Dan Savage is one "mean bird befouling his own nest. . " Does he offer such a tirade as an example of healthy living for younger gays?
I hope they do not follow suit and demean themselves!

What goes round comes round like Gary says.

And Coopsta. . .that kind of action goes "against the grain", doesn't it. . .we weren't brought up that way. And most surely your Anselmniastic background doesn't foster such self-destructive behaviour. ;-))

gp said...

It's hard to feel sorry for Mr. Bachmann when he himself is a notorious bully of gay people. His pseudo-psychology practice has been shown to engage in the dicredited, disreputable charade of "conversion therapy". This abusive treatment pretty much makes him fair game if he in fact is closeted.

Coop said...

GP, I had thoughts similar to yours.

Gary is right. Slurring the Bachmanns will only backfire. Dan started "it gets better." Brilliant! And then he resorts to cheap gossip??

GreginAdelaide said...


I too learned a new word.
Very intereting:

"Anselm wrote so intensely about love between male friends—that is,
his love for his fellow monks from Bec in Normandy and their love for
him—that he has been thought by some to have been at the very least a latent homosexual and at most one of the foremost gay figures in medieval
European history.
For as a monk, he wrote to his fellow Bec students in
the passionate rhetoric of physical, sexual love, speaking of kissing and
embracing his friends, holding them, longing for their physical presence
in their absence, and indeed often as soul mates united into one soul.
Anselm addressed Gundulf “as lover to beloved . . . you who are my other
self.”7 He calls him “most beloved of my soul . . . everything I feel about
you is sweet and joyful to my heart......."


I wonder to myself, how much God
loves us all when we try to figure
out for ourselves what real Love He
has for us gays? I am really stumped. I think a lot of us are.
Is this why we have had monasteries, and convents? Do I think that we are all worthless and
should not have been born? It is a
sobering thought, and He has really
never given us an answer!!! Am I being blasphemy against God? We are His Slaves, no doubt about it.
He gave us Sodom and Gom? We cannot get scared the hell out of us with these warnings. Yet our inbred feelings are that we are Gay. Should we all be made Ennuchs?
I know that He made us to Love and
Serve Him in this world and the next, but where is His Love for us that He can't give us understanding? Maybe we should have been born to sleep til we die, and not let this world shine in our eyes. I have always had these questions within me and really never have found complete answers. Don't
know who I am, and what I am really
worth? Any Answers from anyone???

Gary Kelly said...

I went to a De La Salle brothers school. One of my teachers was Brother Anselm. I don't remember a helluva lot about him, except for two occasions. One time he locked me in the classroom stationery closet for talking too much, and another time, after fainting in class, he carried me down to a grassy section of the school yard and laid me next to a big dollop of horse poo.

Gary Kelly said...

Here's my answer, Radical Joe... tis well to remember that God didn't write the Bible. Men did.

JustinO'Shea said...

Lest i lead astray. . .lol. . .

"Anselmniastic" is NOT a real word. . I just made it up to try to describe the background from St Anselm and his school of thought. . .

Not a bad concoction, is it. . .LOL

Gary Kelly said...

Anselmniastic is not a real word? How do you think words came into being? They didn't invent themselves ya know. Shakespeare was a great inventor of new words. Nuthin wrong with that.


Gary, Thanks for your wisdom, you
so eloquently give out. It must be
in that cup of coffee I see you
drinking. So you went to De La
Salle High School. Sounds a
mite bite RC to me!!! LOL
Brothers there are Rough, I know they are in US.

Coop said...

Wow! I never knew that about St Anselm.
I'm even more proud to be a Benedictine.