Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And this from GREG is OZ-Land

Katter chatter - gay marriage and politics

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 11:28 PM

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What a hoot!
Today our parliament considers gay marriage, ....waiting on the news, but not holding breath for half a second, we've a long way to go here in Oz yet for that to happen.

But, you may recall Gary and I mentioned our red-neck politician Bob Katter and his hateful words etc, well it turns out that his half brother is ....wait for it...GAY!!!

What's more he is working with StandUp to get things changed.



Coop said...

These people in OZ, Maggie Gallagher etc. etc. and their single minded obsessions. They look ridiculous.

And Carl got stuck with his brother's nose. Poor guy.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, the nose. How unfortunate. But maybe it's just as well not to fall into the same trap as Michael Jackson did. He made his worse.

John M said...

I have always thought the his song (M. Jacksons) the man in mirror said it all! ..have to be willing to make a change. Well! Change just for changes sake is not good either. I think he was unhappy with himself and tried to change himself without ever trying to find out who he was first!