Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Interesting Switch. . . . or Angle. . .;-)


Justin and Peter, with link from Pat,  thought you would be interested in this article from

Areleh Harel: The Orthodox Rabbi Helping Gay Men to Marry Lesbians,8599,2087274,00.html?artId=2087274?contType=article?chn=world

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Comments: Interesting article, indeed! Place for LOTS of discussion.


J said...

Orthodox jews must live with the biblical injunction that they must go forth and multiply, and that's behind these marriages of convenience. I'm surprised that the porn industry, which loves to showcase novel lewd couplings, hasn't at least made a movie starring bearded Hasidic men, or a plot based on King David's relationship with the twink Jonathan. (They've already done any number of films about the story of Sodom from Genesis.) That should foment a controversy among the righteous.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh! Let the Righteous foment. . .yea verily, let them frothe and foam, foment anger and calling down vengeance! Amen and Amen and Amen.

Richard said...

Isn't froth and foam known as a Santorum? :)

Gary Kelly said...

An interesting scenario but not all that unusual in any society. There's no shortage of gay men married to women (straight or lesbian) with families. If I remember correctly, there's one here on the Dunes. He once described sex with his wife as "like having teeth pulled".

A few I've known over the years say that in spite of their sexual orientation, they love their wives and children, and are glad things turned out the way they have.

I had a girl "friend" in my late 20s, to whom my mother's advice was "rape him" hehe. My mother figured all I needed to change was a night in bed with a woman.

One comment I found particularly interesting on the Times video was from the gay advocate who said, "if there's no love between the parents, the children will know." How true!

JustinO'Shea said...

I think the interesting scenario is that an Orthodox rabbi living in Israel has set up a mating-service for gays and lesbians. . ."to keep things within the teachings of Torah".

That gays and lesbians have married persons of the opposite sex, etc, is well known to have been a practice suggested by mal-informed medical practitioners and so-called ministers of religion: usually to the gay man in the 'menage'. . not in there words but with this intent; 'get married and this will solve your uncontrolled masturbation and other sex problems'. The poor women!!! to become the victim of a sexually conflicted and self-hating homosexual. . .let alone the bad effects this will have on any children unfortunate enough to be born of this unholy union!

Basic error in advice will only exacerbate the emotional illness and suffering of the unfortunate couple and their children.. Sick. Sick. Sick.

A homosexually orientated man and woman are incapable of committing to each other the love and emotional support required to live out a heterosexual marriage.

As far as I understand Roman Catholic marriage laws, a bona fide homosexual is incapable to entering into a valid sacramental marriage, which by Church law, is only for heterosexual marriage.

Because a man is homosexual, as example, he cannot commit himself to live as a heterosexual. . .thus he is incapable of living in a heterosexual marriage. It is invalid. There is no marriage.

Gary Kelly said...

I'm not sure you can state categorically that homosexually oriented men and women are incapable of commitment, JustinO. Does the desire to have children and raise a family necessarily require two people to be in love? What about arranged marriages? Could mutual respect and friendship be enough?

I suspect it's possible that love for family can overcome any sexual incompatibility between parents.

Mind you, I've not been there, so I'm guessing. But I'd like to hear from anyone whose sole purpose in marriage was to raise a family as opposed to any romantic attachment to the person they married.

J said...

One of England's greatest prime ministers, Benjamin Disraeli, was a Jew who undoubtedly was gay. He married a wealthy woman for convenience and the marriage lasted until she died. They had no children. By all accounts the relationship was not a sexual one, but they were in love. I guess the moral of the story is that everything dealing with sex is by its nature queer.