Monday, August 8, 2011

On The Road Again. . . .

Hello All Y'All. . . I've been moving back to school come Fall for years now. . ..but. . .somehow this year was different. . . There was this feeling that this time I am really leaving home. . .moving away.

. .We didn't talk abut that. . .Peter and I. . .until last night. . . and he kinda had similar feelings.   Though we do no have a house or an apartment of our own. . .in a sense we DO. . . and that makes it different.  Even tho' I've lived in this apartment, in Gram's home for three school years it is different this time:  Peter and I are living together. . .  . . . .

There's an old Yankee saying "if you are really gonna know someone
you have to Summer and  Winter  with them. . .?  Stuff to think about.

Well, on Friday we finally got our stuff into our cars and somewhere after lunch. . ..and a big hug n a kiss from  Mom and Dad. . ..for "both their boys" we started our parade down the road and out onto Route 6 heading West. . .to the Sagamore Bridge connecting the Cape to the Mainland and continued West.

  We didn't ride on each other's bumpers but we did keep one another in eye. . . We stopped once at  our favorite ice cream shoppe. . . .home made, they call it. . .wicked good!  There was lot of traffic headed to the Cape. . .on t'other side of the highway. . . . .I called Gram when we saw how traffic was and how we were doing to give her some a closer idea of arrival time.  It is always wise to keep the cook alerted to our arrival.

It was a tad after 7 pm when we pulled into her place. . . we'd hadn't stopped the cars and there was Mme Bouvier, my dear sweet grandmother. . . .all of 80 yo going on 50 !  LOL  She loves that !
But there she was all smiles to welcome her Boys home . . .with hugs and kisses.  We both have to bend down to her. . . .all smiles and happy laughter and ready to help us get some of the stuff in the house.

She still needed some time to get supper ready so we brought in the bags and stuff we needed.   We had time to shower and change our clothes, unwind a bit. . . . I noticed she had made up the queen-sized bed in my room. . .fresh sheets and towels. . . uhuh. . ..for two.  LOL

It wasn't long before Gram rang her trilling bell to let us know she was ready and would appreciate a reasonable response. . .hahaaahaa.
Everything smelled wonderful. . . . fresh homemade rolls seemed to dominate and mix with other aromas. . . ahaaa. . .a large tureen of lobster newburgh with Gram's sauce well laced with sherry. . . wild rice with pine nuts,  green beans almondine. . . I realized I was so hungry and lunch was so long ago I was starved and my mouth was watering for the newburgh with the large chunks of lobster. . . .it all looked so good. . .just a simple New England supper. . .. uhuh. . .lol.

Neither Peter or I are "given" to embibing the spirits so on such occasions we drink sparkling water with a twist of lemon. . . and Gram said the Grace, ending with "Welcome  Home, Justin and Peter. . .mille fois bienvenue!"  We had a lovely dinner and a nice evening.

Lest I forget.  Mme Bouvier has happened on something new, simple, for dessert. . .colorful, light and so tasty. . . Tangy frozen yogurt. . .peach  and mango flavor. . . . . "ambrosia for the gods". . .writing this bit to you makes my mouth water. . . . s o o o o   good!   ;-)

After supper when we had sat and chatted about matters of  consequence Peter and I washed the dishes, cleaned up the pots and pans while Mme B. put things away where she knew they belonged.

It was after 9:30 pm. . quickly!. . .so we brought in a few more things and headed upstairs to our apartment. . . .put the stuff down and just looked at each other, big grins and a long nice hug and holding. . . ."Welcome home, mon cher Justin. . .et toi aussi, mon cher Pierre. .. .!"

It wasn't long and we each found our "spot". . . .they country sounds are quite different from the ocean Dunes. . . .

More tomorrow. . . . promise.  ;-)


Gary Kelly said...

I know exactly where Mme Bouvier is coming from... you can't cook Lobster Newburgh for one.

There's another saying... if you wanna really get to know someone, share the same roof. You and Peter will certainly get that opportunity in the coming months.

Meanwhile, it's all looking pretty good, and it's a lovely story, JustinO.

Stew said...

I hope that is just the first of many happy evenings for you and Peter.

GreginAdelaide said...

There'll be highs and lows in teh coming year. Just make sure the highs far outweigh the lows.
Best of luck you two.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANK YOU, thank you, thank yu. . GREG and STEW. Much appreciated.

I shall continue doing my homework. . :-)

Jim said...

How sweet is this! I was getting all excited for the both of you.....this is a really important time for you, relationship, just 'learning the ropes'.
Have a blast!


You are such an easy read. Your words flow, giving us such an outlook to all the things you do. We are like
voyeurs of your beautiful Life.
Also, you don't mind us being like
flies on the wall, taking it all in. Now that Peter is with you it
just is like a Living Book that you
give to us your Family. Being French, I know how good that bread
is. Not only did my Dad make bread,
but my mom did as we well. I still
make it myself today! I don't know
if I have ever had your Lobster dish, but enjoy Lobster with butter. With a grandma like
you have, what else in the world
could you ask for. Give your
Gramms a big Hug and Kiss, she more
than deserves it everyday. When you
write, I read it over and over, life is good and hope that your more that Kind to Peter! May your
Irish heritage take you far & long & Bless both of you Forever. Young man, Justin, Thank You for all you
give to us. I still don't know where you get so much time and
energy. Peter is so very Lucky and Blessed!!!

Gary Kelly said...

And the horizon is straight!

But the sign above the bed is crooked.

JustinO'Shea said...

I know it is! Can you believe I did that deliberately?! hahahaa

The sign is not hanging on the wall. . .it is merely propped on the pillows. "To get your goat" as is said. . . hahahaa

jimm said...

After jus munching down spare ribs, now you've gone and made me hungry again!

JustinO'Shea said...

Eat up, Boyo, don't sit there hungry. . .LOL Plenty here. . . hehe