Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holy mackerel there, Charlie !. . .ehayh

Michele Bachmann  wins the GOP Test Vote at Ohio candidates meetings, debates, hog-calling and
cat and puppy auction. . . . . .


Gary Kelly said...

She wants to make sure Barack Obama is a one-term president. I hope she lives to regret her words, and goes down in history as a no-term wannabe.

Now where's my bucket.

Coop said...

Are we in a never-ending election cycle??
Bachman isn't my candidate.

JustinO'Shea said...

You all know very well the GOP agenda is the failure of "that Black Man in the WHITE House". . . .they themselves have more politely said so.. . . He fails at any cost,[Mitch McConnel said so in public = no secret] even if the USofA goes down the drain. . . .and we are close to it!

The GOP is not doing the work for which its people were elected. How can they in conscience draw a salary? "No work, no pay." Very simple and even simplistic.

Given their work record would you pay them? YOU hired them. ;-)

J said...

Obama must be defeated because he is a sophomoric statist who is turning our country into another Greece. When you level charges of racism against his opponents, Justin, you only hasten the day when cries of racism will be universally recognised as the new last refuge of scoundrels. It's fast becoming that now.
There are plenty of Republicans in America who don't want to see a robotic Christer like Bachman get the nomination. It would be good to remember that the whole Iowa straw vote process has been skewed by evangelicals, and it has brought out the worst in a field of lackluster candidates. There's something about bad times that compels the electorate to embrace extremism, and its leader a Stalin or a Hitler. There is little in this situation that offers reassurance.

JustinO'Shea said...

I knew when I posted we'd be hearing from you, J. Good. Too long the silence. . . ;-)

So I am a scoundrel now, am I?, seeking refuge for or from something.
And "cries of racism" are/is the ticket for the Last Train to Carthage. . . . . LOOK, many say/see/clain there is racism involved in the refusal to do ANYthing at all to work with the President of these United States. From the beginning the only agenda was He HAS to fail. . ."

If you were to listen, people who are quite familiar about the colors of racism from experience recognize and decry the patent signs.

I have no need or desire to concoct this: I am quoting the often quietly held/spoken opinions of men and women far more learned and experienced that I.

AND I refuse to accept and wear the appelation of SCOUNDREL. . .thank you very much.

Justin O'Shea

jimm said...

When politicians sign pledges, they aren't leaders, they are followers. I'd prefer to elect a leader.

Coop said...

Dear Justin:

An open letter. I know you are not accusing ME of racism; even though I've been critical of President Obama's policies/decisions. Sometimes your thoughts/musings convey the wrong impression. :-} WHO said that stuff? Mitch McConnell. Mitch is a talking head. He has an arrogant "better than you" attitude. McConnell is after political power. I'm not a fan of his.
I voted straight Democrat in '10. Because I did not know what to make of the tea party. You know that.

Love, Coop

JustinO'Shea said...

Dear Coop:

Did I address any of these comments to you directly? I don't think I did.
Often my comments here are in response to something someone said.

I claim all the things I posted last night and today. With one exception my stuff is addressed to anyone who is reading the stuff. . .

And, by the way, you back up everything I said and wanted to say about Mitch McConnel. . . .calling him a "talking head" with ambition pretty well sums it up. . .but he did show the hand of the GOPs who never refuted him about the primary aim of the GOP.

We have to be careful of all this. .it flows downhill from the source. . and those who slither at the top shit on anyone foolish enough to be under them. . . .LOL

Gary Kelly said...

Just did a Google. Now I know what GOP means.

GreginAdelaide said...

Gay Old Person, Gary?

I've been tempted to look it up too, but to be honest, politics bores me...and someone else's politics bores me even more.

Fair enough, politics has to be talked about and people need to hear the opposing sides to work out where they fit adn what they believe their "leaders" ought to be taking them. I do have a passing interest, but the politics of politics is DEADS boring.

So I'll not comment further because it has little relevance to me and I don't have any well formed opinions on US politics....except that their politicians are as crazy and useless as most of ours in Oz...or should I say all of ours?

I'd rather talk and think about men...hee hee!

JustinO'Shea said...

GREG. . .many of the politicos ARE men, of one sort or another. A member of the House...Rep Hinkle recently posted or replied to a request on Criaglists for a sugga daddy. . .and that led to some stuff. . all in the press, out=tings, etc/

Coop said...

Refusing to work with the President can be a form of racism... maybe? :}
Now that's a good point.
Don't people in the U.S. usually associate racism with bleached out pointy headed pyromaniacs, etc. I sure do.

Mitch wouldn't hesitate to throw his brother Republicans under a bus if he could advance the greatness that is himself. LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPSTA..yea U. . . one track. . .you need to be derailed, babe. . .hahahahaha
I go away one week. . . . .. sheessshhhh LOL

gp said...

I've got to agree with you Justin- there are plenty of racists in the republican party. Besides all the code words they use for anti-black comments, they're overtly anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican. It's not a coincidence that the people in all these despised groups are brown-skinned. The republicans aren't even subtle about resorting to this type of racism.

Coop said...

I'm learning to know when I should not comment at all.

JustinO'Shea said...

oh, oh. . . hmmm. . .;((

J said...

Me too.

JustinO'Shea said...

To "Ditto" and Companions: Oh. . .I see. . . Since when did anything I had to say, agree with or disagree with ever influence you or hold you back from expressing your ideas, opinions, comments? I really thought and had hoped this blog could be and would be an open forum. . . . "I had hoped. . . ."

Because I do not think the same, like or agree ought not to stop you. . .it hasn't in the past. Or do you think it just isn't worth the effort?

If it is to be a one man thought-control, aka mind control, I should have just let it die "the other day". . . and it may yet. . . .I cannot do it all by myself.

To those of you still willing to contribute, thank you. To those thinking otherwise, maybe reconsider..?

Coop said...

I will contribute Justino. :)

Gary Kelly said...

Like me, JustinO has Irish blood in his veins, and a predilection for jumping up and down in the one spot. It was the Irish who invented the trampoline ya know (and if it wasn't it should have).

Anyway, it surprises me that J should take umbrage at JustinO's youthful exhuberance and lack of experienced diplomacy. I'm sure J never let the opinions or protests of others bother him during his prosecutorial days. (I love that word prosecutorial).

JustinO's taken a few pot shots at me too but it didn't do him any good. Two Irishmen in a ring makes pretty lively entertainment.

And Coop? Put the gloves on, mate. Playing dead won't do you any good.

Coop said...

Nah, Gary, I'm not playing dead. Thanks for the concern. Justin has his way of sharing his thoughts. I should have known he wasn't telling me off. I was wrong to walk away.

I'm not a fan of the republican party. It's kissing up to the backward thinking bible belt bigots.

Pat said...

Well said Gary. Pat

J said...

What I mean is that all the talk about Republicans being racists should have tipped me off. Sometimes I forget what issues stink the more you stir them.

Coop said...

If the President was white... but had the exact same personality and agenda... would the republicans work with him?
I don't think so. I could be wrong.
What does everyone else think?

Congress showed it's true nature during the debt ceiling catastrophe.
None of them were true leaders.