Monday, August 1, 2011

a mini event. . . LOL

Hahahaaa. . . .with this post there now are/ have been 1003 postings to  Justin Dunes.   The blog first posted about July 1, 2009.  BLOGGER supplies all this utterly fascinating info to the blogger. ;-)  They do not supply the numbers of the comments  YOU all make. . . for all of them I am grateful.  ;-)  Without you the blog would be pointless, wouldn't it. . . . So, keep on coming back.  ;-)

This stat also comes with it. . . 

 62648 pageviews - 1003 posts, last published on Aug 1, 2011

@@READERS' COMMENTS :  5,178 +


               j u s t i n


Gary Kelly said...

Congrats on the stats, JustinO. You run a good blog, and you attract quality comments.

But speaking of stats, I heard this one on the TV news last night. America's total debt divided by its population is $30,000 a head. Australia's is $4000, and China's is $0.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS, Gary...for your support. When I consider the 'regulars' they post "top drawer" prima classa comments. ;-)

The debts for each man, woman and child is closer to $46,000. . . .!!! but of course "they" don't want the wealthy and Bug Business to pay taxes:
we make the old and the sick carry the burden. We have "colorless" slavery now. . . .simpler. . .equality, ya know. . .