Thursday, February 18, 2010

We DO and WE DON'T

Earlier this week Coop wrote . . . .actually it was just yesterday. . . .seems almost like weeks ago, so much is going on. .
I had planned on replying to his comments about agape and eros in a special 'topic'.

I have tried several times to begin but I cannot. All I do is sit, idly staring at the screen and keyboard, unable to
approach this at the moment, my thoughts drifting in shallow pools, moved by the tidal rise and fall.
Events of this week leave me kinda feeling like I had been severely kicked in the balls
unable to stand up again. . . .for now, anyway.

The 'seer' who wrote about the year of the Tiger mentioned it was not going to be a year of love fests and other agape a and erotic pursuits. I suppose she writes what she 'sees' but. . . ..did she need to be so dead on about it, so soon in
the New Year?

I hate it when people say something BIG and say nothing. Let's just say that Fisher-man, Baker-man Portugese
Pete and I have crashed on a craggy rocky shoal off the Cape Cod coast. We're both still here, working
to try repair the boat so we can safely make it back to the mainland beach.

Bear with me. . . .'all will be well. . . .all will be well. . . .all manner of things will be well.'




J said...

I offer my poor condolences. The metaphor about your thoughts in a tidal pool is simply elegant, and proof positive that depression sometimes prompts the creation of art.
You have too many gifts to be shelved for long, or be alone.

Gary Kelly said...

If you were a lunatic like normal people, Mr O'Shea, you wouldn't get depressed.

You need to learn new things. Learn how to play piano underwater. And while you're there, practice riding a bicycle underwater.

There are all sorts of imaginative and constructive things you can do to beat the blues.

Do a hand-stand and walk down the street. For a bit of a change, walk backwards down the street wearing stilettos. Sit on a picket fence and pull funny faces. Start a collection of old fashioned women's hats from an Opp Shop and wear them in the confessional. Do Tai Chi exercises at the bus stop. Fart in crowded elevators. The list is endless.

There are many things you can do to relax the mind and see life more clearly, as it should be seen. :)

Jack Greenman said...

I am sincerely sorry to hear it Justin. I wish I had something to say or offer to take the sting away, or to make you smile and dare you to even laugh. But I don't. Just do what you can and keep at it.

As long as the back is not broken you still have a chance, she can still swim again. Lighten the loads and pull off by an ash breeze if you have to. All that you can, so you know that you did.

If you ever need an outside ear, you have my email.

Best wishes,