Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello All y'All:
My phone rang this morning around 7 a.m. "If you're not awake, please wake up! I need you to be awake. . ." Peter. Our partly battered but still afloat boat has left the rocky shoal and we've made it to the beach. Tide is out. . . the tidal pools are running to join the sea. . . it all looks so clean. ;-)

After his shift at the bakery . . . he opened up at 4 a.m.. . . he is heading out shortly after noon-time and driving here. "We've got to be together and I need to come to you. I need the healing so I can begin to repair and ease the hurt I have caused you. . . .May I come?" Well. . . .says I. . . ."Of course. I shall see you when I see you. . " ;-)

THANK YOU for your care and concern, for your emails, those on blog, and those sent privately. Gary, yours is a howling delight. . .I need to remember your remedies so I can pass these on to others "down in the dumps". . . hahahaaaa
Oh. . .and I tried walking backwards in my sister's stilettos. .no can do. . That makes my thigh muscles spasm. . . .Oh what a mess!!! lmsao

Looks like the sun is burning the morning clouds off. . . and things are beginning to look better as the warm sun gets stronger. It is going to be a good day.. . yes, a good day.



Coop said...

I'm glad to read the news Juztin!
Somehow I knew the two of you wouldn't go down with the ship.
(Or some other nautical metaphor).

Gary Kelly said...

I'm glad you tried walking backwards in your sister's stilettos. Granted, it ain't easy, but at least you gave it a shot. Trust me, the experience will be something you'll remember for the rest of your life. And each time you get a dose of the blues, you'll reflect on walking backwards in your sister's stilettos.

Meanwhile, every time you go snorkeling keep your eyes peeled for a piano. Sometimes they're a bit hard to spot.